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One of the Guys Who Plumbed His Friend’s House with Beer Explains How It Worked

The Geekosystem HQ faucets still only dispense water, and we're not happy about it.

Yesterday we saw the video of a group of guys in New Zealand who plumbed their friend’s house with beer because they are the greatest friends in the history of friends. One of the pranksters, Sean Brown, spoke with Right This Minute about how the prank was achieved, and they were kind enough to share the video with us.

As you could probably guess based on the prank, the men responsible are all skilled craftsman like builders and plumbers, or “tradies” as apparent ringleader Sean Brown puts it in the video. If you were inspired after seeing the video to go ahead and plumb your buddy’s house with beer it’s probably best to keep in mind there was a certain level of skill involved.

(via Right This Minute)

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