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I’m a Ghost! Invisible Driver Fast Food Prank [Video]

As if the people working the drive-through window of fast food places don’t have it bad enough, they’re often on the receiving end of a lot of dumb pranks. “Coning” was a weird one where people grabbed ice cream cones by the ice cream. “Fire in the Hole!” — where jerks throw drinks at the employees — was probably the worst. This one though… this one we like. A guy built a car seat costume and used to it make fast food workers think there’s no one in the car. No one gets hurt. Nothing gets sticky. We just get a hilarious video and the new catchphrase “Instagram dat joint!

The man behind the video, and the invisible car seat costume is YouTube user MagicofRahat, and he pranks fast food places pretty much constantly. His YouTube channel has 98 videos, and almost all of them since April of 2011 have been pranks. Before that, as you could have guessed from his username, they were mostly magic tricks. Good ones too. Dude’s got skills.

He really seems to have found a niche with pranking though. Watch a bunch of fast food employees lose their minds because they think they’re seeing a ghost, or KITT from Knight Rider:

Magic plays a part in a lot of the pranks. He’s done floating cups, flaming wallets, and a variety of things that smoke. Last month he put together a “Best Of 2012” highlight reel to show off a lot of what he does.

For the most part what this he does is pretty harmless. Some could even argue it makes an otherwise miserable job a little more interesting. If you want to prank the kid working your local drive-through, do something creative like this guy. Don’t be a jerk.

(via YouTube)

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