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  1. PayPal Is Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments, Kind Of

    But what about Dogecoin?

    You know what I hate about online shopping? No matter how I try to fit cash in the little slot on the side of my computer, I can't seem to get it to send over the Internet. Also, I have no idea where I'm supposed to put CDs with all that cash in there. Luckily, PayPal is now working on accepting digital cash in the form of Bitcoin for digital purchases.

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  2. PayPal Computer Error Briefly Credits Man With $92 Quadrillion Fortune

    We get that money is a social construct, but is there even that much of it in the world?

    Chris Reynolds is your average small-town Pennsylvania resident who uses PayPal to buy and sell vintage car parts on eBay. While a fun hobby, he never expected it to make him successful beyond his wildest dreams or anything -- so you can imagine his surprise when he received his monthly statement in the mail and found that PayPal had mistakenly credited him with approximately $92 quadrillion. Geez oh man, think all of the overpriced hair twigs you could buy on Etsy with that kind of money! Like, at least eight or nine very fancy, very overpriced twigs.

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  3. Don’t Look Now, but I Think PayPal is Getting Into Space Money

    Not all that glitters is gold

    This was not a day that I was expecting to have two posts on The Mary Sue about currency, but here we go: PayPal, with SETI and Buzz Aldrin, has launched PayPal Galactic, a service dedicated to solving the problem of money in space. Which apparently is genuinely a problem, or at least it will be soon. Well, eventually.

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  4. PayPal, SETI, and Buzz Aldrin Team Up to Launch Interplanetary Payment Service

    Paying it really, really, really far forward.

    Ever tried to buy something, only to realize your wallet is sitting on your kitchen counter a billion miles away on another planet? No need to worry. PayPal has decided now is the perfect time to address that very serious problem. The online payment service is joining forces with the SETI Institute, a leader in the search for alien life in the universe, to create PayPal Galactic, a money transfer system that boldly goes where no money transfer system has gone before.

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  5. PayPal Arrives Late to the Party, Updates Policy to Prevent Users From Joining Class-Action Lawsuits

    Over the past year, there's been a slew of Terms of Service updates pushed through by various companies to prevent their users from joining class-action lawsuits. Sony's already on the bandwagon, as is Netflix. AT&T's had a similar clause for some time now. Not content to let other businesses have all the fun, PayPal has finally decided that they too like this idea of not being involved in class-action lawsuits. The update hits November 1st, and they've made opting out of it a hassle, because of course they did.

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  6. TiVo and PayPal Form Unholy Alliance to Sell You Stuff

    The Future Is Now!

    If you're a fan of near-future science fiction, possibly of the cyberpunk genre, you might be familiar with many different kinds of terrifying ways that writers and artists have reimagined advertising in the future, whether it's using subliminal messaging to invade Phillip J. Fry or Spider Jerusalem's dreams with infomercials, or the world of Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age, in which everyone has a 3D printer in their kitchen, capable of creating, molecule by molecule, any product they see advertised in a matter of minutes. TiVO and PayPal, however, want to make sure that just because nobody has nanotechnological 3D printers sitting next to their toasters, they can still order whatever magically absorb-ing one-piece loungewear set that also cuts vegetables and makes their computer run faster they just saw during reruns of Law & Order.

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  7. New PayPal Here Lets You Take Credit Card Payments With Your Phone

    For small businesses, it can be a real pain to have to deal in cash, and while taking credit cards might be an option, it can be a serious hassle. On top of that, it's almost impossible to take credit card payments on the go. These are the problems PayPal Here aims to solve. The small card reader and accompanying app allow small business owners -- or anyone really -- to take credit, debit, and PayPal payments via smartphone, making it much, much easier for them to shut up and take their customers' money in whatever form the customers can offer it.

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  8. To Settle Dispute, PayPal Orders Buyer to Destroy Violin

    It started with the sale of a violin by Erica, with money exchanged via PayPal. The story goes awry when the buyer of the instrument complained to both Erica and PayPal that the violin was a fake -- despite apparently being appraised by several experts. In a move echoing the wisdom of King Solomon, PayPal ordered the buyer to destroy the violin. As you can see above, that's exactly what happened.

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  9. Return Violin To Get Your Money Back? No, Says PayPal, Smash It To Bits Instead!


    Remember when PayPal tried to ruin Christmas? Well now they've gone and ruined the New Year, too. What you see above is the remnants of an antique World War II era violin. Why is it lying in ruins (and being cried over by Dawson)? PayPal told the purchaser of said violin to destroy it so he could get his money back. I would say "cue the violins" but well, as you can see, that isn't possible. 

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  10. Louis CK Sells DRM-Free Comedy Special Direct to Viewers Via Paypal, Makes Profit

    As you are probably aware, Louis CK is a fantastic comedian. In the past couple of years, he's really hit his stride with the release of several comedy specials and the launch of his critically acclaimed TV show Louie. For his most recent release, however, he decided to shake things up a little bit and sell Live at the Beacon Theatre direct to his fans via Paypal for a paltry 5 dollars. No middle-man, no DRM, no hassle, no fuss. At a time when many content holders are pushing for SOPA and trying to DMCA takedown the entire Internet out of existence, this move makes for a particularly interesting experiment. The result? He made money.

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