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  1. Mattel Creating NASA Curiosity Rover as Hot Wheels Toy

    Mattel is no stranger to crafting novelty toys based on current events. They've even made NASA-based miniatures before, like the Sojourner rover. They have decided to do so again with NASA's Curiosity rover; a 1:64 scale Hot Wheels version of the craft will be available after the landing event this coming weekend. The coolest parts, like the sky crane and parachute deployment, will sadly not be included, much like the batteries of yesteryear.

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  2. Following a Facebook Campaign, Mattel Announces a Bald Barbie Doll For Children’s Hospitals


    This picture is just a mock-up made in Photoshop, but after a campaign on Facebook started calling for a bald Barbie doll, Mattel has listened and responded -- by promising to make a bald "friend" of Barbie! The new doll will be distributed to children who are in the hospital undergoing treatment for a variety of diseases, some of which may cause hair loss. So many little girls look to Barbie as the epitome of beauty; now the ones who have lost their hair will feel a lot less alone in their fights!

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  3. Pre-Order An Official Back To The Future Replica Hoverboard Right Now

    Everybody wants a hoverboard and what more iconic hoverboard could you possibly ask for than the one from Back to the Future II. Granted, you might prefer a hoverboard that actually, you know, hovers, but this Back to the Future replica board is the best you'll be able to do at the moment. These official Mattel replicas are going for the relatively high price of $120, but after the pre-order there'll only a limited amount for sale, and there's no guarantee you'll be able to snag one of those. On top of that, the price will be higher, so act now if you're down.

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  4. “Real” “Working” Ghostbusters Ghost Trap! [Video]


    Guys, guys, look! It's a 100% authentic (replica of) a ghost trap from Ghostbusters! Mattel was showing it off at Comic Con, demonstrating the two modes that let you either pretend you're catching ghosts or just hanging out with a wonderful collector's item. The former mode, "movie," will put on a display of flashing lights when the door is opened (with the foot pedal) while playing sound effects to simulate the act of catching and containing a ghost. (Obviously, there is no concern for stream-crossing here.) But say you felt like recreating a ghost-capture scene in your very own fan video and would be adding the sounds in post. (I will not deny that I've considered doing this for about 20 years.) Good news! That's what the "prop" setting is for! The lights still flicker when you hit the pedal, but with no sounds. Even more fun: It dances around as if there were a ghost inside. If interested, try to have $135 handy in October when the trap will be for sale to the public. I'm going to start selling lemonade as soon as humanly possible. (Ubergizmo)

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  5. 13 of the Best Old-School Girl Toys

    where does he get those wonderful toys

    Girl toys. No matter how much we considered ourselves tomboys in our youth, there were some toys that were marketed to us that we just couldn’t help but want. At the time we didn’t know, but we weren’t sold on the mainstream “girly toys” (Barbie being the most obvious), but some may have caught our attention. Sure, I myself wore baseball caps to the side and thoroughly enjoyed playing handy-woman with my Cool Tools, but, there may have been a pink doll or two that I stored at the bottom of my toy chest, safely tucked away from prying eyes. Behold, in no particular order, a list of some of the coolest girl toys of the 80‘s, 90‘s that us girls - and some boys - enjoyed with great zeal, and possibly not in the the way the manufacturers intended. And, of course, there are many other toys out there that you may not find on the list, but please feel free to let us know the ones you loved! Tell us your most girly secrets; we won’t judge.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Portal Bookends

    Things We Saw Today

    These Portal bookends are hopefully only temporarily sold out at the Etsy site for Oberon Woodcraft. Otherwise this just makes that whole cake thing hurt even more. (At Technabob)

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  7. Hey, They Made Another Brainy Barbie: Architect Barbie

    i'll just leave this here

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I am in favor of whatever geeky/computery/mathy Barbies that Mattel wants to roll out, no matter how pink or ridiculous.  And it's certainly not because I have any nostalgia for Barbie herself.  So, why? Because somewhere out there is a little girl who wants to be a computer engineer or an architect, and she's got some well meaning but distant relative who's just trying to get her a toy that she'd like, based primarily on the fact that she's a girl and girls like dolls, right?  And when that relative hands over a Barbie I Can Be Architect doll, instead of feeling like she's weird for not liking what "normal" girls are expected to like, that little girl is going to feel just a little bit more accepted by society. And no, I don't accept the argument that the accessories are all wrong.  Architect Barbie comes with a hard hat, a tiny model of her proposed dream house, a pink blueprint case, glasses, and high heeled boots.  Okay, so heels aren't that great for construction sites.  Look at what Doctor Barbie comes with:

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  8. We Told You Angry Birds is Coming to Everything Ever: Now, a Board Game

    We really weren't kidding when we said Angry Birds is probably coming to every platform imaginable. It's more a matter of time, rather than a matter of finding new homes for the game. Today in Angry Birds apocalypse news, Mattel plans to bring the popular video game to the world of board games by May 2011 in the form of Angry Birds: Knock on Wood, complete with slingshot and having to clean up the scattered blocks.

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  9. Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet: The Hot Wheels Toy

    Great Comic Con exclusive, or greatest Comic Con exclusive? This packaging has been made to look and feel (with the help of some strategically placed weights) as if it contains a tiny replica of Wonder Woman's invisible jet, right down to, you guessed it, the invisibility.

    (Bigger picture below.)

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  10. “Scrabble Rule Change” Overblown: Proper Nouns Will NOT Invade the Classic Game

    I'm a fairly serious competitive Scrabble player (no, really), which is why I was seriously freaked out to read this morning that Mattel was changing the rules of the game for the first time in 62 years to allow proper nouns like "Jay-Z" and "Shakira" as playable words. The story has been enthusiastically picked up by British media outlets, including The Telegraph, the Daily Mail, and BBC News.

    This would be a nightmare for a number of reasons, not least of which would be deciding which nouns are "proper": Which brands, celebrities, and acronyms are "big" enough that they warrant dictionary entries? Does "TomKat," for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' annoyingly portmanteaued relationship, work? Is "Bennifer" still valid even though Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have since broken up? All of which raises another point: Scrabble as we know it would become really dumb.

    Fortunately, we got in touch with a Mattel rep, and he confirmed that the rumors of a Scrabble rule change making the rounds in the British press are wildly overblown.

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