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Master Chief

  1. The Story Behind This Morning’s @UberFacts Tweet About Halo Armor

    It's weird when your friend is an UberFact.

    If you follow the Twitter account @UberFacts you probably saw their tweet this morning about the guy who sold an engagement ring and bought Master Chief armor from Halo. It's 100% true, and I know that because he's one of my best friends, and he's going to be writing for Geekosystem soon. He's Eric Smith.

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  2. We Can Still Send Master Chief to The White House… As a Statue

    The 2012 presidential election is over, and despite a valiant campaign, Halo series hero Master Chief will not be bringing his personal brand of interstellar diplomacy to the White House any time soon... Or will he? There's still a chance that fans could get the government to bring everybody's favorite nondescript space marine to the nation's capital, at least as a lawn ornament. You see, someone filed an official petition this week suggesting that president Obama commission a statue of Master Chief petty officer spartan John-117 and put it outside the White House.

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  3. After Being Dumped, Man Uses Engagement Ring Money to Buy Full Suit of Halo Armor

    When Eric Smith decided to propose to his girlfriend, he took pains to make sure the ring was exactly what she wanted, a unique and somewhat unusual shade of yellow. Before he had a chance to propose, however, she broke it to him that she had been seeing someone else behind his back and Smith found himself in possession of a one-of-a-kind ring that he could hardly bear to look at. Even after selling the ring on eBay, he found that he still felt the need to get rid of the money and thought "Why not Zoidberg buy a full-scale suit of armor modled after Master Chief from Halo?" Why not indeed.

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  4. Halo Fan Makes Incredible SPARTAN-II Armor [Pics]

    Digital artist Edward M. Ryan has come up with some impressive Halo-inspired creations in the past, but this really takes the cake: A fantastic suit of finished SPARTAN-II armor that even got a shout-out from Bungie. A fine companion adversary to Pete Mander's jaw-dropping, 7+ foot-tall Elite costume. More pics below:

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  5. Sorry Students: Halo: Reach Comes Out on September 14th

    Sorry kids.  You're going to have to do your homework before logging on to Halo: ReachBungie has announced the release date for the next installment in its history-making first-person-shooter, and it's September 14th. At the same time, they've announced some demographic info on the Reach beta, and the numbers are impressive.

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  6. Video Game Characters, Gender-Swapped


    Palette swaps are a common enough occurrence in the world of gaming (here's looking at you, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile, Ermac, Rain, and Noob Saibot), but gender swaps? Not so much. Nevertheless, one artist has taken it upon himself to examine the age-old question: What if Luigi and Link were women, and Lara Croft and Samus were men?

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  7. Halo Movie: Still Very Possible

    Many have written off a Halo movie for some time now, despite the fact that for some time, an adaptation of the seminal sci-fi shooter was not only a fanboy's dream, but still seemed like a likely enough possibility.

    But now, Halo franchise overseer Frank O'Connor has breathed new life into the hopes of a live-action Halo movie, firmly stating his faith in the creative and financial merits of such a movie at a recent conference:

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