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Halo Movie: Still Very Possible

Many have written off a Halo movie for some time now, despite the fact that for some time, an adaptation of the seminal sci-fi shooter was not only a fanboy’s dream, but still seemed like a likely enough possibility.

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But now, Halo franchise overseer Frank O’Connor has breathed new life into the hopes of a live-action Halo movie, firmly stating his faith in the creative and financial merits of such a movie at a recent conference:

IGN reports:

“We’re going to make a movie when the time is right,” [O’Connor] said. “We own the IP. If we want to make a movie, the scale of all the other stuff that we do changes dramatically. We make tens and tens of millions of dollars on ancillary stuff, toys, apparel, music and publishing. If we do a movie all of that will grow exponentially. We have some numbers if we do a movie, but it changes everything. It also changes our target and age demographic.”

Until then, the best thing we’ve got to hang onto is District 9 director Neill Blomkamp‘s epic seven-minute series of live-action Halo shorts. If there’s an endgame here that involves a District 9 sequel being an even bigger hit than the first, Blomkamp’s star as a writer and director rising (totally robbed for Best Adapted Screenplay this year), and him using his new clout to push a Halo movie, we’d be very happy for at least three reasons.

(And if that’s not to your taste, there’s always IGN’s Halo Bollywood movie, h/t April Fools’ Day. Finish the fight!)

(IGN via Kotaku)

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