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After Being Dumped, Man Uses Engagement Ring Money to Buy Full Suit of Halo Armor

When Eric Smith decided to propose to his girlfriend, he took pains to make sure the ring was exactly what she wanted, a unique and somewhat unusual shade of yellow. Before he had a chance to propose, however, she broke it to him that she had been seeing someone else behind his back and Smith found himself in possession of a one-of-a-kind ring that he could hardly bear to look at. Even after selling the ring on eBay, he found that he still felt the need to get rid of the money and thought “Why not Zoidberg buy a full-scale suit of armor modled after Master Chief from Halo?” Why not indeed.

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Aside from his college education, and presumably that engagement ring, Smith says the full suit of armor is the most significant purchase he has made in his life. It’s also a pretty large and heavy one. The suit weighs in at around 40 pounds of fiberglass and steel and is understandably uncomfortable. Smith says the he requires the assistance of two other people to put it on, that it is hot and sweaty, and that, when wearing it, he has to walk very slowly for fear of toppling over and damaging the suit or himself.

Does he regret his decision? Not in the slightest. It wasn’t exactly a spur-of-the-moment decision, and Smith says he’d been considering the purchase for a while, putting it off in favor of “being responsible.” He assembled much of the suit himself over the course of several months, with several shipments containing different pieces of the armor, and describes the process as being “unintentionally cathartic.”

We all have our coping mechanisms, and if you ask me, Smith’s is a pretty good one. Granted, the suit didn’t come cheap and it doesn’t serve too much of an actual purpose, but he seems to have found a way to turn that ugly money into something he can really love. Whether or not that puts him in Forever Alone territory might be a matter of personal opinion, but I totally dig his drive.

It’s worth reading the story from his perspective. You can do that here.

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