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  1. The Man Who Laughs: The Movie That Inspired Batman’s Joker (Sort of) Turns 86

    Now you'll know how he got his scars.

    Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack away your love for the creepy and macabre until the New Year. Rejoice! For today marks the 86th anniversary of the NYC premiere of The Man Who Laughs, a movie simultaneously twisted, disturbing, and utterly, squeeably adorable.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: 18th Century Joker and Harley Quinn Cosplay

    Can't sleep...clown'l eat me!

    Kudos to cosplayers @Taruskippy and @geeksterswhimsy. This is awesome.

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  3. Feature-Length Fan Film Joker Rising Might Not Be Legal But Sure Has A Lot of Fans

    Let's put a smile on that face!

    Would you like to know how the Joker got these scars? Because director/writer Alek Gearhart and co-writer Manuel Eduardo Ramirez have a fan film that they’d like you to see. Quick, before somebody who’s got an axe to grind against unauthorized derivative works gets involved! Called Joker Rising, the not-for-profit film (so that’ll probably keep […]

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  4. Watch This Awesome Short Film About Evil Action Figures Getting Their Comeuppance

    This is like if Toy Story were really dark and really short, and also made you want to fight crime.

    Vimeo user Paul Constantakis has released a new short film, Villainous, and it's a must-see. More a suggestive glimpse into the secret lives of our crime-fighting heroes -- and their dastardly foes -- than a narrative story, the two-and-a-half-minutes nonetheless hints just enough at the epic battle that we have missed to whet our appetite for more.

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  5. Applebee’s and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

    Well, it's Wednesday evening, so chances are, by this point, you have a pretty good idea how this week is going. We hope it's going well for you! If it's not, though, take a moment to consider this -- no matter how bad a week you're having, Applebee's is having a worse one. Between a PR meltdown that will be held up in communications classes as an example of how not to interact with your customers until the stars wink out in the sky and an assault on one of their franchises by no less than a figure of villainy than The Joker himself, the restaurant would probably like to just call in sick, pull up the covers, and go back to bed. And as loathe as we are to celebrate someone else's misery... actually, I guess we're not, especially when it's this funny!

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  6. DC Comics Reveals New Joker Design on Batgirl Cover

    The world of comics is something of an oddity. Due to the publishing patterns of the various ongoing series, comics are often finished way ahead of their release. For example, the new design for Batman's archenemy, Joker, wasn't intended to be viewed in full until Batman #13 releases on October 10th. Unfortunately, DC Comics has released a new batch of covers which just so happens to include a complete image of the clown on a Batgirl cover a bit prematurely. Beyond this point, there be spoilers.

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  7. The Joker Goes Too Far

    Poisoning talk show audiences [spoilers at link] and blowing up hospitals is bad enough, but discouraging promising students? That's just evil. (Reddit via BuzzFeed)

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