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  1. It’s 2015, Where’s My Flipping Flying Car? Bill Nye and VSauce Explain

    And sharks still look fake.

    Sigh. If Bill Nye himself thinks there are legitimate scientific reasons for why I'm not eating an instant pizza and riding my hoverboard through the Mars colony right now, I guess I'll have to take his word for it.

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  2. In the Future, Your Car Will React to Your Emotions to Make You a Better Driver

    "Cut that guy off!" "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."

    In the latest development in condescending technology, a facial recognition system is in the works to allow your car to detect when you're upset and try to curb dangerous road rage driving habits. You know, as long is it doesn't cause a vicious cycle where it slows down because you're mad, and you start yelling, "Don't you patronize me!"

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  3. The Only Thing More Amazing than a Working LEGO Car Is That It Runs on Air

    This guy's LEGO car could totally run over your LEGO car.

    The air-powered LEGO car looks like what our imagination saw when we played with our own LEGOs as kids. It's also the coolest thing we've seen all day. Built from over half a million LEGO pieces, the car can reportedly reach speeds of 20-30 kph (12-18 mph), and its engine, which runs on air pressure, has 256 LEGO pistons.

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  4. McLaren Wants to Turn Your Windshield into a Sonic Forcefield Against Rain

    Hey, it looks like rain. Shields to maximum. Make it so.

    You may not have as much need to deflect bullets with your windshield as Speed Racer, but a button on your steering wheel to make it deflect rain sounds pretty useful. Supercar maker McLaren wants that to become a reality with technology that uses sound waves to make rain and debris bounce harmlessly off of your windshield.

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  5. First 360° Barrel Roll In A Car Completed In Real-Life GTAV Stunt Jump

    Peppy Hare is stoked about this.

    On November 14th in Ensenada, Mexico, Adrian "Wildman" Cenni lived up to his nickname during the SCORE-International Baja 1000. Making Star Fox fans proud the world over, Cenni successfully completed the world's first ground-to-ground 360° barrel roll in a 4 wheel vehicle.

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  6. Om Nom Nom: Watch as This Sinkhole Completely Devours a Car [Video]

    From the first few frames of this video, you can tell that something has gone wrong with the car being filmed, though it takes our intrepid videographer a little while to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. What happened seems to be a sinkhole opening in a Brazilian road and swallowing an automobile whole like an enraged mud elemental. For those of you who can spare 3 full minutes of your Friday afternoon to watch this hatchback be claimed by the proud and ingenious mole men who dwell just beneath out feet, we fully recommend watching the entire thing, for the sake of context and narrative. If you're busy folk like us, though, feel free to skip to about 1:30 to see the real fun begin as the hole widens and a full-sized automobile does it's best impression of a Hot Wheels car being flushed down the toilet by a toddler. Bye bye, car!

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  7. $3,000 Will Get You This “Handsome” 1962 Truckcar

    As if to one-up last week's Gene Simmons VW bug, a new challenger appears in the form of Truckcar. If you can't decide between purchasing a classic truck or crappy car, then this Knoxville Craigslist seller has the solution for you!

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  8. How To Wash, and Destroy, Your Car With Only One Bucket of Water [Video]

    If you've ever wanted to wash your car easily and then never have to wash it again, I've got the method for you. Of course, you'll never have to wash it again because it will have been totaled, but that's no biggie, right? The real downside is having to pay for that huge truck.

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  9. Toyota "Fun-Vii" Concept Car is Basically a Rolling iPhone

    Debuting yesterday at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show, the Toyota Fun-Vii is a bold vision of the future. A future where the entire exterior and interior of your car is a video display, for some reason. Also, it looks like the Batmobile mated with a Prius. I'm dreading the future already.

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  10. Coffee-Powered Car Sets World Speed Record for Gasification Vehicle

    Last year we told you about a car that runs entirely on coffee. Since then, while we've been writing about caffine-chugging bacteria and other, somewhat dubious, uses for your coffeemaker, the car-puccino's creators were not content. The U.K. team have created an all new car, and this one just set a world record for the fastest gasification vehicle. Like the previous model, this car was made in conjunction with the BBC program Bang Goes the Theory by engineer Martin Bacon and Durham England's Teesdale Conservation Volunteers. This new iteration of the coffee car tops out at 66.5 mph, snatching the previous speed record from a wood chip powered vehicle. That car, from Beaver Energy, topped out at 43mph. The record breaking run is sure to turn some heads as the buzz around alternative energy vehicles reaches a fevered pitch. To get this Rover SD1 to go on nothing but coffee grounds, the vehicle needs a few modifications.

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