This is a Full-Size Sports Car

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This may appear to be a tiny model sports car with a coin on its hood for scale. It may even appear to be a remarkably detailed model, perhaps placed in some kind of diorama. Both of these statements are, however, completely incorrect.

This is a full-size car, photographed using the tilt-shift technique with a 20:1 model of 50-cent Euro coin to distort the viewer’s view. The project is called Big Money, and was carried out by the ingenious minds at Skrekkøgle, the same folks who brought Microsoft Solitaire into the real world. It may be a statement about how money distorts our perspectives on life, much as these images or distorted. Or it might be some artists having fun.

Read on below for  more images of things made small, thanks to a giant coin.

(Skrekkøgle via Laughing Squid)

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