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  1. 5 Things I Loved About 2011

    Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

    Well, since you asked, I've taken it upon myself to talk about what I really loved in 2011! Come inside, and see what was great about 2011. This is obviously not a definitive list, but as someone who spends a great deal of time on the internet, I can tell you right now that the following things were well-received for the most part. Except for Cars 2. (I'm kidding, that's not in there ... or is it?) Anyway, come on inside! See if we loved the same stuff!

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  2. 10 Things We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving

    Power Grid

    If you live in the U.S. (like the writers of The Mary Sue), then today you're experiencing (maybe even celebrating!) Thanksgiving 2011. And whether you're working through the day, or preparing to stuff yourself with the roasted flesh of an over-engineered domestic bird, or whatever your particular Turkey Day tradition is, we hope you'll indulge us for a Power Grid while we talk about what we're thankful for.

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Of Course, Kermit As Indiana Jones!

    Things We Saw Today

    File this under "Things That Might Have to Exist." By Amy Ebberson, and via her Tumblr page, My Junk Drawer.

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  4. Things We Saw Today: Martha Stewart’s Lady Gaga Costume

    Things We Saw Today

    Well, it looks like a Lady Gaga costume, doesn't it? We have to think that Martha Stewart appreciates Gaga's penchant for crafting. (via Buzzfeed)

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  5. Happy 100th Birthday, Lucy! A Salute to the Groundbreaking Female Comedian

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    If she was alive today, Lucille Ball would have been 100 years old. And on her birthday, we're paying tribute to a woman who showed everyone that comedy was gender-neutral territory. Lucy paved the way for women in comedy and not just as another woman who stood by and assisted their male costars in getting laughs -- she got her own.

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  6. Judd Apatow Takes a Victory Lap Through Nikki Finke’s Inbox

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    Needless to say, Judd himself used the occasion to bitchslap me over my pre-release belief that the R-rated comedy featuring women burping and farting for our female amusement wouldn't have an opening domestic weekend bigger than $13M, even $15M tops, before it actually debuted with $26.2M: "I am so delighted to confirm that I was right and you were wrong," Apatow emailed me for posting here. "From now on when you say something which hurts me, I will remember to read your early Bridesmaids opinions and predictions and that will soothe me." Ouch! -- Deadline's Nikki Finke, on the email she received from Judd Apatow after Bridesmaids officially surpassed Knocked Up as the producer's biggest box office success. We're disappointed, Nikki Finke. Have a little faith for the sisterhood next time, wouldja? (Deadline)

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  7. Bridesmaids Expected to Surpass All the Rest of Judd Apatow’s Films at Box Office

    We Have Done the Impossible and That Makes Us Mighty

    Hollywood usually needs a little push to do anything really worthwhile, and that push usually comes from those small, flat, rectangular green things that seem to rule over us all. And though Judd Apatow has made many of those rectangles in the past with what the world has branded notoriously "male" humor, this time it's the ladies who are raking it in for him, and big time. Bridesmaids is still selling tickets like mad, and has so far earned $146.5 million at the box office, which puts it within spitting distance of surpassing Knocked Up, Apatow's biggest hit to date (which earned $148.7 million, just over 500,000 more than Talladega Nights). The key thing to keep in mind: the words so far.

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  8. Bridesmaids Stars Get Asked Weird Questions, Make Up Story About Homeless Fart

    It's A World of Laughter A World of Tears

    Amid the release of Bridesmaids has been an overflow of talk about the film's inclusion of a more raunchy type of "female comedy" and what it will mean for comedy and women in general for years to come and yada yada yada. But sometimes all people what to talk about is the gross-out humor. In other words, fart jokes. Many a hollywood director have made careers out of it. And, as evidenced in this video, Bridesmaids co-stars Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph can enjoy it just as much. But, as the ladies point out, it's got to be crafted around story. So they make one up, about a homeless farter (or a homeless fart, it's hard to tell) who finds companionship in a family that decides to take him in. And then they dissolve into tears of laughter. It's pretty cute. And yes, we do realize the interviewer in this video asks very strange questions. Just focus on the ladies and you'll be fine. (via Best Week Ever!)

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  9. Bridesmaids Bloopers: They Almost Went “Wolverining” [NSFW Video]

    we loled

    Okay, this is a blooper reel from Bridesmaids, and we can't stress enough: this video is NSFW (for several non-violent reasons). It is also the tiniest bit spoilery. But it's just as good as you would hope. However, if you are at work, have delicate sensibilities, and/or desperately need to watch a video that's not as raunchy as this one, we recommend this video of Data rapping. We'll leave you with one word: "acoustics." (Funny or Die)

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  10. Bridesmaids Sequel in the Works, Provided Continued Good Box Office Numbers

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    In case you didn't notice, we liked Bridesmaids. The movie may not fit in our geeky purview, but it does fit in our "women in underrepresented fields" purview and we definitely recommend it if you're into crazy-ass comedy. Now that the movie has finally come out, and surprised more than a few people with its box office pull (including, apparently Universal Studios itself), even more things might come out of its success.

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  11. Bridesmaids‘ Melissa McCarthy Getting Her Own Movie (Possibly Two?)

    And All Was Right With the World

    Hot off the box office success of Bridesmaids, it has been announced that Melissa McCarthy has lined up a new film project with her Bridesmaids director Paul Feig. That followed another announcement that she and Bridesmaids co-writer Annie Mumolo have sold their own script to Paramount. Here's the first question: Are these the same project? And here's another: Was Bridesmaids actually the catalyst for female-geared comedies like we thought it would be? This certainly looks like a good start!

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  12. Review: Bridesmaids Is Exactly What We’ve Needed


    Like us, after being bombarded with trailers and ads for this weekend's Bridesmaids, you were probably wondering if the movie was actually "The Hangover with women" or just being billed that way. Sure, it's not a movie with a superhero in it, but it's being marketed as an alternative to the chick flick for women, so we consider it to be close to our realm of coverage. We're all savvy media consumers here, and we know that ads aren't always what they seem. So when given a chance to check it out, we readily accepted and can tell you confidently: Bridesmaids is not Something Borrowed. It has neither Kate Hudson nor Katherine Heigl in it. It is not a "typical chick flick," nor is it quite a "gratuitous gross-out comedy." This is safe territory. We would never lead you astray. This movie, while not what you'd typically call "geeky," could certainly be classified as "comedy geeky," considering the cast, the people behind it, and the fact that those of us women closely connected to the comedy field finally have a movie where we get to tell the jokes and drive the story. And without the goal of romantic love. Finally. That said: Bridesmaids is an awesome comedy featuring a predominantly female cast and will probably change how female-geared comedy movies will be viewed in the future. That's the tiniest bit hyperbolic, but it's been a long time since I, as a woman, walked out of a movie feeling like I was truly invited to the party.

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