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Things We Saw Today: Our First Look at Brienne of Tarth

Things We Saw Today

Here’s Gwendoline Christie-Helen as Brienne of Tarth, from Game of Thrones‘ upcoming second season. (@GameofThrones)

  • In pretty awesome news, Bridesmaids is now the most popular video-on demand movie ever. Not the most popular comedy. Not the most popular movie starring women. The most popular movie. In four months. Through all video-on demand formats. (The Jane Dough.)

This Star Wars wedding photo comes from Professional Geek Girl.

We knew that the price of putting up a valentines card post last week would be seeing a lot of other cool valentines closer to Valentines Day, but that price is starting to get steep. (College Humor)

  • In case you’re not one of the people who’ve already secured their stake in the game, Double Fine productions, Tim Schafer, and Ron Gilbert started up a Kickstarter page to raise $400,000: enough to make a brand new old school adventure game from the people who brought you Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, The Secret of Monkey Island, Brütal Legend, and Psychonauts. Within 24 hours of starting it up, they’d gotten the money they needed… and there are still 33 days left in the pledge drive. As of the time of this post, it looks like they’re going to break one million dollars. A pledge of as low as $15 gets you the resulting game and access to an exclusive beta community. Cinty Au has a look at the project’s progress (posted last night).

Smallville fans rejoice, season eleven of the show will be produced… as a comic book. (The Source)

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