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Things We Saw Today: If Disney Princesses Roamed Brooklyn

Things We Saw Today

I think I saw these girls standing outside the Music Hall of Williamsburg, waiting to see the Jolly Frogs for a super secret set. Never heard of them? Not surprised, they’re so underground they’re underwater. (File under: Web Series That Might Have to Happen.) (via Erin Knits, Nerds, Exists)

Women and Hollywood on IndieWire obtained a quote from Oscar-nominee Annie Mumolo, who shares her Best Original Screenplay nomination for Bridesmaids with Kristen Wiig:

Our main objective was to write a film that focused about relationships and friendships. We really tried to focus on that when writing this… [Judd Apatow] is a creative producer and his influence really helped us when we were writing this film. I think that really shows in the final product.

  • Speaking of women in comedy, Ahna Tessler posted a video to Funny or Die in which she plays Leah, a woman who just got a job as a teacher, even though she hates kids. So, what’s the story? Funny or Die took down that video, plus her whole entire account. Why? Because she showed herself breastfeeding both of her babies during the expletive-filled rant. No, it wasn’t the cursing, and it wasn’t the cursing around the babies — it was the breasts. The non-sexual breasts. (This, even though there are more than one videos with (non-sexual) penises on the site.) Someone at Funny or Die thought it was 1. spam and/or 2. “obscene.” Tessler told the New York Times: “If I wanted to shock them, I would have shown my breasts in a very sexual manner. I wouldn’t have been feeding my children.” The site has apologized for shutting down her account and will restore it with the video in question, adding “Funny or Die supports breast-feeding in all forms, especially among consenting adults.” In the meantime, the video is also on YouTube. (via Jezebel)
  • And here is Batman, on the (Game of) Throne(s). (via Fashionably Geek)

  • Sad news for Elfquest fans: The planned movie adaptation by Warner Bros., which has been four years in the making, won’t be happening after all. Why? Because it doesn’t even want to try competing with The Hobbit. (via Ladies Making Comics)
  • Patton Oswalt, whom everyone thought was a lock for a Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his work in Young Adult, was not nominated for an Oscar. He took it … well, he dealt with it. By tweeting about the awesome time that other snubbed celebrities were having! That included Tilda Swinton singing David Bowie songs with Andy Serkis! What? She really wants to do that? She really wants to do that! Here is her exact quote:

    “But is it real? We should go! Where is he?” … “Oh, he’s making jokes. What a shame. I think we should do it for real. How faaabulous!” … “That’s a dare! That’s an excellent dare. Okay, Patton, you’re on. Let’s get Andy and let’s go for it!”

    (via Vulture)

  • Allow us to bring the Arkh Project to your attention! If you support video games for “queer people and people of color,” then you should read all about it!

    Here are those Power Rangers hoodies you’ve been hoping would finally exist. (via EPIC Ponyz)

  • Just what we’ve always wanted: ABC orders a Beauty and the Beast series while the CW produces one, claiming that their version will be more about the fairy tale. What you heard just now was a George R. R. Martin facepalm. (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • This girl painted a portrait of NBA player Yao Ming — with a basket ball. For video, visit Sportsgrid.

    Could we be finding out about what happened to Peter Parker’s parents in The Amazing Spider-Man? A plot synopsis that mentions something about an “untold story” seems to think so. And no, “Plot Synopsis” is not a new Spidey villain, though that might be a fun comedy sketch to write. (via Screen Rant)

    Daffy as the Doctor, Bugs as Amy Pond. Well, he was in drag on occasion. What a maroon! (by Hello With Cheese via The Uniblog)

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