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  1. Australian Scientists Put Teeny Microchips On Honey Bees To Track Their Movements

    Microchips on BEADS?

    In an effort to better understand the chilling phenomenon of Bee Colony Collapse Disorder, Australian scientists have fitted 5,000 sensors onto the backs of honey bees. This is a very important scientifoh my god LOOK AT THE LITTLE BEES WITH THEIR LITTLE MICROCHIPS AAAH. Sorry, what was I saying? Right, yes. Important science.

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  2. Canadian Scientists and A Beetle’s Butt Harness The Power Of Fog

    But for good or evil?

    Fog: not just for lighthouses and ruining pictures anymore! New technology in Australia and Canada shows that capturing the moisture in fog may be the answer to ending droughts. (And when I say technology, I mean a beetle's butt.)

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  3. Little Girl Who Took Australia to Task for Not Inventing Dragons Finally Gets Her Wish

    Here Be Dragons

    Two days ago we told you the story of Sophie Lester, a seven-year-old girl from Brisbane, Australia who has all lived her young life feeling the very keen sting of there not being dragons in the world. (Don’t we all?) So she wrote a letter to CSIRO, the national science agency, asking whether they could please make her one. CSIRO, perhaps won over by the way Sophie started off her letter with “Hello Lovely Scientist,” wrote her back apologizing for the grave error they made in not having invented dragons yet and promising to get on that ASAP. And now they've sent her one. It's 3D printed, but that's probably for the best. I'm not sure Australia needs any more killer lizards, especially with Steve Irwin not around.

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  4. In Australia, Sharks Have Twitter Accounts to Warn Beachgoers

    I smell blood. #lunchtime

    You know how everything in Australia is trying to kill you? Apparently the solution is to get them all social media access so they'll never be able to sneak up on you again. At least, that's what a bunch of scientists working with an organization called Surf Life Saving Western Australia (SLSWA) seem to think.

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  5. Australian Eagle Steals Wildlife Camera, Takes Selfies, Wins Our Hearts

    This is now our favorite eagle. All other eagles, you're on notice.

    Hey, Australia. You know that wildlife camera you put out by the Kimberly Margaret River? Yeah. That belongs to the eagles now. Watch as the camera gets carted off by a sea eagle. It seems even eagles can't resisted taking pics of the wing when they're flying, or snapping selfies when it gets home. We love you, eagle.

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  6. Monday Cute: Baby Wombat Uses Cat Door

    Clever Girl

    Ruby is an orphaned baby Wombat being raised by Australian YouTuber Matt Hill, and her video leaves me with one pressing question: if a wombat is using it, is it still a cat door? Previously in Cute

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  7. Australian Company Flirtey Making Unmanned Aerial Textbook Delivery a Reality

    In the future, there is no excuse for not doing your homework.

    Australian startup Flirtey is pioneering the future of dropping knowledge with unmanned textbook delivery drones. Patience will be a thing of the past when you can get anything you want delivered the very same day by a robot that flies straight to your smartphone's location.

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  8. Science Finally Takes First Steps Toward Hangover-Free Beer

    I'm glad to see we've finally got our priorities in order.

    Earlier this week we brought the happy news that jetpacks will be a thing soon, and you can already get all your food in pill form. But now we move to a sign of living in the future that the Jetsons never saw coming -- beer that doesn't leave you with a hangover. Progress, my friends, is the most wondrous of all things.

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  9. Court Rules Australian Public Servant Can Be Fired for Criticizing Government on Twitter


    Twitter user @LaLegale -- also known as Michaela Banerji -- works for the Australian government as a public servant, but maybe not for much longer. A court just ruled that she can be fired because of her Twitter activity criticizing the government.

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  10. Disposable Paper Plane UAV Prototype Designed to Help With Forest Fires

    Way better than bored kindergartners ever managed.

    Australia has more than just abundant natural predators, and what I would assume is very expensive life insurance: The robotics team at the University of Queensland has created prototypes of technology that will be disposable UAVs. What have they made, exactly? Well, these mini-drones are thus far essentially a paper plane and a maple seed.

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  11. Elderly Robber Caught by Officers After Moving Too Slow With His Getaway Walker

    See, this is why you need to hire Ryan Gosling to steer the walker for you.

    When times are tough, it's the eldest generation who often has the most difficulties -- after all, it's hard enough paying for medical bills on a fixed income as it is. So really, why is it that more old people don't resort to crime as a way to settle their debts and live comfortably? That's probably what the man who robbed a woman at knifepoint in Australia thought to himself. You know, right before he was arrested while slowly loading his walker frame into the backseat of the car he'd just stolen. You can't factor in all the variables for this kind of thing beforehand, I guess.

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  12. Kangaroo Poo DNA Test Helps Researchers Count And Manage Species

    The science of identifying an animal by its droppings just got a 21st century update.

    Researchers in Australia have developed a fast, easy, and kind of gross way to to track populations on different species of kangaroo and wallaby across the continent with a quick and dirty DNA test of the droppings the animals leave behind. The tests could help to improve understanding of how many kangaroos of a particular species are alive in the wild, and exactly where they're living, and similar tests could one day help identify and protect populations of more vulnerable animals.

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  13. Because Nature’s Terrifying, Here Are Some Newly Discovered Giant Fluorescent Pink Slugs

    Do we even have to mention that they were found in Australia, or is that just a given?

    Save for the creatures in the furthest depths of the ocean and a couple of Amazonian insect species, Australia pretty much has the market cornered on incredibly weird animals. Hell, their national symbol, the kangaroo, is basically a giant distended bunny rabbit with a built-in fanny pack and a penchant for punching people in the head. It shouldn't come as any surprise, then, that when rangers with the National Parks and Wildlife Services in Australia started to explore the Mount Kaputar region of New South Wales, they found a few new species that are just straight up unsettling, including cannibalistic snails and enormous pink slugs.

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  14. Aussie Prime Minster Is a Game of Thrones Nut, Fangirls Daenerys [VIDEO]

    It is known

    Australian Prime Minster Julia Gillard, who caught the Internet's attention with her epic 15-minute verbal beatdown of a misogynist colleague, is apparently a huge Game of Thrones fan. Behind the cut (because of its weird dimensions) you can check out a video of her chatting with The Guardian about her favorite character (fire and blood!) and her shock at a certain season one death. I want to believe that she and U.S. ambassador Jeffrey Bleich, he of "OMG Aussies stop pirating Game of Thrones!," argue over who they want to ascend the Iron Throne. Stannis all the way.

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  15. Oh, God No: Colony-Dwelling Spiders Share Kills So Younger Siblings Grow Up Stronger

    For some species of social spiders, it seems the family that lives together, kills together. A recent study in the journal Animal Behavior shows that young spiders who live with alongside their older siblings grow up big and strong, at least in part because they're dining on the leftovers brought home by their older siblings.

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  16. Kangaroo Attacks Australian Politician, Fails to Make Clear Just What He’s Protesting

    In an embarrassing turn of events, an Australian politician was injured during a run-in with a kangaroo. While the kangaroo that attacked Canberra politician Shane Rattenbury was reportedly just spooked by its unexpected encounter with a human, we can't help but wonder if the menacing marsupial didn't have loftier political goals in mind.

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  17. Self-Proclaimed LulzSec “Leader” Arrested In Australia

    The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have reportedly arrested a 24-year-old hacker they claim is a leader in the LulzSec organization. We're loath to be the ones to break it to them, but LulzSec isn't really a "leaders" sort of organization, as other parties associated with the group are making clear on Twitter today.

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  18. The Australian Billionaire Who’s Building a Replica Titanic Decided to Build Jurassic Park, Too

    And All Was Right With the World

    Granted, the dinosaur-themed resort will be filled with giant robotic dinosaurs, not real ones. But if anyone ever figures out the cloning process you can bet Clive Palmer will be the first in line to buy some embryos.

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  19. Store Combats Showrooming in Worst Way Possible, Charges Customers “Just Looking” Fee

    "Showrooming" is the process by which customers go to a store to get their grubby little hands on a product before going to order that product online for less money. Stores hate it, and would love it if you stopped doing it. Some stores try to offer better deals, or improve the buying experience, but one store's taking the opposite approach and charging customers a fee just to look around. You're doing it wrong.

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  20. 15 Australian Miners Fired Over Harlem Shake [Video]

    As many as 15 employees at Western Australia's Agnew Gold Mine have lost their jobs after producing a video showing the world exactly what the Harlem Shake looks like underground -- pretty much exactly like it does everywhere else, but with way worse lighting. Our hearts go out to the workers, because losing a job is always pretty terrible. On the plus side, though, maybe now they can get new jobs that are not in mines, as working in a mine is also pretty terrible? Check out the video below and let us know if you think dancing topless in a gold mine should be a fireable offense.

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