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Aurora shooting

  1. Things We Saw Today: A Medic Alert Bracelet for the Perfectly Healthy

    Things We Saw Today

    As the daughter of an attorney, I feel compelled to say that this is something you can always work out with a loved one beforehand, in writing. (CubicleBot)

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  2. Man Arrested For Planning A Twilight: Breaking Dawn Theater Shooting

    We were shocked and devastated earlier this year when we heard the news of a gunman entering a theater showing The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado and opening fire. Twelve people were killed, 58 injured, and countless affected. That's why it's so hard to comprehend someone trying to copy the behavior of the shooter. Crisis was averted yesterday when police arrested a 20-year-old man after receiving a tip from his mother. She believed he was planning an attack on a theater full of people sitting down to watch the last film in the Twilight series this week and it turns out she was right. 

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  3. Inspirational Humans of the Day: Aurora Shooting Victims Attend Court Hearings in Batman-Shirted Solidarity

    A Lesson in Humility

    In a hearing in Centennial, Colorado yesterday morning, friends and family of victims as well as survivors of the Aurora shooting gathered to be present as James Holmes was charged with twenty-four counts of murder (one count of "murder" and one count of "murder in extreme indifference" for each of the twelve victims) and one-hundred-sixteen counts of attempted murder for the fifty-eight other people in the theater that night. The Hollywood Reporter talked to Don Lader, who said that the Batman shirts worn by some of the survivors were at least in part a sign that Holmes' actions did not have power over them. Lader has gone back to watch The Dark Knight Rises twice, once with his wife, who was also in the Aurora theater, and once with the son of another survivor who the Laders have befriended since their ordeal. There's something in what Lader said, about the rumors that Holmes was interested in the Joker (still too unsubstantiated for me, but interesting insofar as it's clear that a lot of people really want the connection to be there, whether it's because they'd like to blame comics or movies, or just because they'd like a simple, knowable answer to the question "why would someone do this?"), and about the resolution to still act as a, well, a fan of Batman normally would, that reminded me of something that comic writer Gail Simone said recently on her Tumblr, after finding out that some of the fans she'd connected with at a con were at the theater in Aurora, and that one of their friends died saving the life of another.

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  4. Things We Saw Today: What Bane’s Mask Almost Looked Like

    Things We Saw Today

    Here's a page from The Art and Making of the Dark Knight Trilogy that shows us what Bane's mask almost looked like. I don't know about you, but I think he would have been infinitely more terrifying, albeit out of place in the Nolanverse, with his eyes covered. (via Blastr.)

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  5. Things We Saw Today: The Dark Knight Rises Composer Dedicates New Song to Help Raise Money for Aurora Shooting Victims

    Things We Saw Today

    Another day, another heart-warming response from the Dark Knight Rises team in the wake of the Aurora shooting. This time it's legendary film composer Hans Zimmer, who scored the trilogy, who has composed a song for those affected by the tragedy:

    "'Aurora' is dedicated to those who lost their lives and were affected by the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. I recorded this song in London in the days following the tragedy as a heartfelt tribute to the victims and their families. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Aurora Victim Relief organization."
    You can listen to the song and donate to the cause here. (via MTV)

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  6. Christian Bale Visits Victims of Aurora Shooting

    i'll just leave this here

    In a moment of immense pain for the community of Aurora, Colorado following the devastating shooting that occurred during the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, Christian Bale paid an unannounced visit to the survivors currently recovering in the hospital, in addition to attending a memorial service in honor of the 12 lives tragically lost. We'd like to take a moment to not only honor the victims, survivors, and all those impacted by this horrific turn of events, but also to commend Christian Bale for being an upstanding human being and paying his respects to the  affected fans of his craft without making it a press event.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: Google Salutes Amelia Earhart

    Things We Saw Today

    Google celebrates what would have been Amelia Earhart's 115th birthday with their beautiful Google doodle.  

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  8. Things We Saw Today: A Real Weasley Family Clock

    Things We Saw Today

    Here is an actual, working clock based on the Weasley's Whereabouts Clock from the Harry Potter series. Read all about how it was made on (via The Group That Shall Not Be Named)

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  9. UPDATED: Christopher Nolan’s Statement And Other Updates On The Tragedy In Colorado

    Those of us here at The Mary Sue are fortunate enough to work in a field where the news is cheerful most of the time. We mourn those in the genre world who have passed, get emotional about injustices that relate to our purview but we never thought we'd have to report on the events which took place in Aurora, Colorado yesterday. A lot of the news is getting sensationalized and while we want The Mary Sue to remain a place you come to escape from the seriousness of every day life, we also know this is a story that is important to many people. We've collected the latest developments on the story, including a statement from The Dark Knight Rises director, Christopher Nolan. EDIT: We've now updated the story to include actor Christian Bale's statement.

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  10. Tragedy in Aurora, Colorado: Gunman Kills 12, Wounds 50 at Midnight Screening of The Dark Knight Rises

    On a morning when the most we could have expected to wake up to was the news that The Dark Knight Rises had smashed midnight screening records just as its predecessor The Dark Knight had done, we are instead waking up to something very different. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the victims of a horrific shooting in Aurora, Colorado, a neighboring city of Denver, where a man named James Holmes killed at least twelve and injured fifty people in the wee hours of the morning as their screening of The Dark Knight Rises began.

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