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  1. Get Equipped With Geeky Goodies With the Brand New “Power Up Box” Subscription Service

    You are now hearing the Mario Kart 64 item scroll sound in your head.

    A brand new, monthly merchandise subscription box service has just launched, and we got our hands on the very first Power Up Box so you can check out what's inside!

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  2. Deadline Formally Apologizes for That Totally Racist Article About TV Diversity

    And, in doing so, misses the point entirely.

    After Shonda Rhimes and, like, the entire internet called out that horrible Deadline article about the downsides of "Ethnic Casting," the site's editor has issued a formal (and only marginally mansplainy) apology.

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  3. Review: DreamWorks’ Home, an Endearing and Enjoyable Family Film

    “Poomf” is has now replaced “Flark” as my favorite fake swear word.

    It is with considerable relief I report that, yes, sometimes first impressions are spot on and Home is an absolute delight.

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  4. Best Rumor Alert: First Canon LGBTQ+ Star Wars Character May Feature in Rogue One

    Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

    If she and Felicity Jones get together, I will probably die of happiness.

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  5. Yatta! Heroes Favorite Masi Oka To Return For Heroes Reborn

    Remember that new Heroes series with Zachary Levi that is totally happening? Right, yeah - that's still a thing. If you weren't quite sold on the show resurrection, you might be excited to learn that original Heroes star Masi Oka will be returning for the new show.

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  6. Star Trek 3 Writer Simon Pegg Comments on Those Idris Elba Klingon Rumors

    They've actually cast an unknown actor named "John Harrison."

    Has he dashed our great hopes or given us something epic to hold onto?

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  7. Stop What You’re Doing and Play This In-Browser Mario 64 HD Remake

    Even if you're at work. (Especially if you're at work.)

    To demonstrate the functionality of his Super Character Controller in the Unity game engine, developer Roystan Ross put together this HD remake of the first level of the game that defined 3D character control in the first place: Super Mario 64. You can take it for a spin right in your browser!

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  8. L.A. Gets Zombified in the First Fear the Walking Dead Preview

    The Californians!

    We got our first look at the much-hyped but terribly named The Walking Dead spin-off Fear the Walking Dead last night, and although the preview was brief, it definitely showed how FTWD's focus will differ from the original series'.

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  9. Sibling Rivalry is a Serious Issue in the Latest Jurassic World Spot

    God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat dinosaurs. The end.

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  10. The Walking Dead Finale Recap: “Conquer”

    Well, we have officially closed the book on season 5 of The Walking Dead, and the 90-minute finale proved to be every bit as explosive and exciting as we all hoped. Let’s talk about the episode.

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