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  1. NASA Report Now Says Private Human Spaceflight May Raise ISS Costs

    This is why we can't have nice things.

    NASA was pretty pumped about their decision to award Boeing and SpaceX with contracts to bring human spaceflight back to the U.S., but a new internal audit shows they might not want to get over the Moon about it just yet. As it turns out, maintaining the ISS until 2024 with private contractors may actually cost more money than the already expensive Russian Soyuz space capsules.

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  2. Agent Carter Casts Boardwalk Empire Alum, Another Talks About Almost-Cameo in Incredible Hulk

    You come at the King of Wakanda, you best not miss.

    Sadly, neither are Steve Buschemi. But we won't hold that against them—especially not Michael K. Williams (right), who has pretty much the best idea for a Black Panther casting choice ever.

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  3. Vin Diesel’s The Last Witch Hunter Beard Makes Me Throw Up In My Mouth a Little

    Groot disapproves.

    Vin Diesel's Facebook page has given us many awesome things, but this... this is not one of them. If you're unfamiliar, The Last Witch Hunter is described on IMDB as a movie in which "The last remaining witch hunter battles against an uprising of witches in modern day New York." In addition to Diesel, it starts Elijah Wood and Game of Thrones' Rose Leslie—add all that together, and it sounds like it could be a cheesetastic masterpiece. But that chin Tribble. Ew.

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  4. Ben McKenzie Talks Mustaches, Gotham’s Ladies, and Last Night’s Premiere

    But seriously, where is the mustache?

    TV's most promising fall show Gotham premiered last night on FOX! We here at The Mary Sue had the opportunity to chat with Ben McKenzie, Gotham's young Jim Gordon, and ask him some questions about how he feels about the show—and the iconic fictional city of the same name.

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  5. Capaldi Goes Undercover In New Trailer and Pics For Doctor Who “The Caretaker”

    So long, crappy magician duds, hello Browncoat!

    Hit the jump to see adult Danny Pink, the Doctor channeling Mal Reynolds, and The Skovox Blitxer's uncanny resemblance to our space boyfriend Garrus Vakarian.

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  6. The Wild World of Game of Thrones Fan Theories, Part 2

    Get your tinfoil hats!

    Ah, tinfoil theories. Ask anyone in any fandom about crazy fan theories and they'd be able to hit you with at least one. Game of Thrones has, well... substantially more than that.

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  7. X-Men: Apocalypse To Have Ickle Baby Versions of Storm, Cyclops, and Jean Grey

    '80s Mohawk Storm or bust.

    We told you yesterday that Bryan Singer will be directing X-Men: Apocalypse, but that's not the only X-news that's broken. There's a new plot description out, and it has some pleasing nuggets.

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  8. And IIIIIII-EE-YIIIIIIIIII Will Always Love This Winter Soldier Musical Crack!Vid

    Bye bye Li'l Sebastian!

    This has been making the rounds on Tumblr, but if you don't spend far more time than is technically advisable looking at the same old gifs, jokes, and infuriating posts than you really should considering how many other things you have to do (not that I... I mean, why would I do that? I am a productive, adult member of society), you might not have seen it. I am here to rectify that, and also to fill your morning with love, laughter, and Whitney Houston.

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  9. Gotham Gab: Share Your Thoughts On The Season 1 Premiere, “Pilot”

    Gotham, the DC Comics-inspired, Bat-story before Batman, premiered tonight on Fox. We want to know what you thought!

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  10. Serious 1981 News Report About the Internet Is High Comedy 33 Years Later

    It's a series of neon tubes!

    Ahhh, the '80s. Neon, power ballads, and the Internet. Oh, you don't remember the Internet from the '80s? Get learnt about this here newfangled contraption by taking a trip through time with a vintage tech news segment. Look at those two guys manually typing printed news stories into computers. One day, someone just like them will type the words "you won't believe" in a headline, and their whole industry will be revolutionized.

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