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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Wise Words

More Grandmotherly Advice On Social Media, Because We Need It

Good news, everyone! Artist Chacho Puebla and his great-aunt are back with more social media advice! We posted the first installment of Puebla’s photo project back in November, and we are happy to bring you even more internet wisdom from a woman who probably doesn’t use it, but certainly knows the meaning of etiquette. And, perhaps, wry humor.

After the first volume of photos was such a huge hit, Puebla decided to produce another round with new tips, including some on technology:

For all of these, click to see the full-sized version:

To see the entire set of photos, visit Puebla’s site at Behance Network.

(via Copyranter)

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  • Alexander K.

    The one that says “Girls sleep with guys who use Photoshop, but marry the ones who work with Excel” is kind of appallingly sexist…

  • Barbara Parsons Fenton

    Sexist maybe, but it made me laugh the hardest.