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Mark Hamill Spilled The Beans On Star Wars VII Back In 1983 [VIDEO]

A long time ago, in someone’s house far, far away, Maria Shriver interviewed Mark Hamill. The year was 1983 and they joined to discuss the last film in the first Star Wars trilogy, Return of the Jedi. Yes, first trilogy. But the fun doesn’t stop there. The whole video is worth watching for nostalgia sake but if you want to get to the juicy bit, jump ahead to 3:06.

Also, we apologize there’s been so much Star Wars content on the site lately but well, obviously. Whatever, you love Star Wars.

(via reddit)

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  • Aaron V Steimle

    Until the year, 2004. Heh.

  • [A]

    I like the juvenile t-shirt (?)

  • Anonymous

    Wow, is that really Maria Shriver?

    Also, am I the only one who thought Mark was hinting that Luke would die at the end of VI? Strange that he says that in a sequel, he would have to be in ‘another plane of existence or another character’. Certainly it was true in the sense that, if a sequel had been made around 2004 that only took place a few years after VI, Mark would have been too old to play Luke, but he seems to be saying that once we saw the ending of Jedi we’d understand, and that I can’t make sense of.

  • Anonymous

    You have got to admit that dude is like really cool!

  • Anonymous

    I do love Star Wars.

  • George

    Hang on what other criteria makes the best popcorn?

  • Inky

    And he’s talking about it like it’s just SO LONG AWAY!!! which is really, really amusing nowadays.

  • Mika “Ipstenu” Epstein

    All I can think is that he would be playing ‘Young’ Anakin.

  • a4444

    After all the talk of giant sodas, I’m amused to think that the cup the guy was holding in the beginning was actually for sale at a movie theater. I don’t know if it was, but it’s funny to think so.

  • Smoke Tetsu

    Yeah, they where off by at least 10 years… replace the second 0 with a 1 and you are closer to when he could possibly be returning in episode VII.

    But yeah, back then 2004 did seem a long way off. ;)

    But also since he said that only R2D2 and C3P0 would be in every single episode it kind of makes it seem like episodes VII – IX would be all new characters except for them.

  • Someone_191

    I think what he’s saying is the final (yeah, right) 3 films will be too far in the future / after another big shabang. Hence why only the two droids are in all 9 films. Not that he dies at the end of return of the jedi, but possibly just that the end of return of the jedi showed the breathing-challenged Jedis interacting with Luke. Oddly enough I remembered this interview or something like it and have been patiently waiting for my 9 flipping films ;)

  • Anonymous

    Haha, a friend of mine who saw the original movies when they came out also remembers the talk about 9 films and has been complaining ever since. Interestingly, George once even planned to make 12 films; in the 9- and 12-movie series plans, others would make the middle ones, and he would handle the first and last ones himself. However, by the time “Jedi” came out, Lucas wasn’t planning on doing any more films at all; Mark may not have gotten that memo, though, as of this interview. Anyway, at least the 1st-generation fans will finally get their nine movies!

  • Anonymous

    Just to be clear, Lucas had pitched the idea to Hamill of him returning in the *last* film, which was estimated as being in 2004 — Episode IX. So the plans were off by more than 11 years. Lucas actually gave up on the SW films after “Jedi” due to factors like his divorce and bankruptification and only changed his mind back to doing the prequels when he began making the Special Edition re-release of the OT.

    But yes, Smoke Tetsu, the plan was not to continue Han and Leia and Luke’s story in VII-IX. Lucas’ vision was always to have only the droids carry over from I-IX. Interestingly, although the nine-movie plan is well-documented in old interviews with Hamill and Lucas, George now claims that it was largely a media invention and he never had any real plans to do more than six.

  • Anonymous

    He’s saying that if we had seen Luke after “Jedi” He would have been in spectral form, like we saw Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Anakin.

  • Wendy Scott

    Hamill was happily talking about 9 films from the release of ESB; the first I remember this was when he talked about it on an edition of the long-running BBC children’s TV show, “Blue Peter”. By the time we got to ROTJ in ’83, Lucas was “officially” saying that there was never going to be 9 and no one was contradicting him. Regardless of anything, I think the business and producing issues surrounding the productions of both ESB and ROTJ, coupled with fan expectation in ’83 took its toll and he’d had enough.

    Unlike many “fans” (my quotations), personally I have every admiration to Lucas for hoisting himself back into the director’s seat in 1997/1998 after not directing for such a long time and while it is fair to critique Eps I-III; some of the levels of near hysterical vitriol from the fandom towards him following each release from ’99 – ’05, genuinely made me wonder if he was going to finish them. Well, with the sale to Disney, those particular “fans” (again, my quotations) get their wish and, personally, I can’t wait to see the reaction if what’s on screen doesn’t match their take, because who will they blame then?

    As a fan, I’m not sure if I want to see Eps VII-IX; of course I want to see my characters back again (Han, Luke, Leia), but I don’t know if they genuinely have any story left for them? The one thing that has genuinely pleased me, is that it would seem that the EU will not be mined for stories. I know that this has been greeted with dismay, but I can’t remember when Lucas said this, but at a ShoWest (now CinemaCon) in Las Vegas, he said the following which I’m paraphrasing: “there are three “Star Wars”: my SW which are the films, the merchandise SW which are the books, toys and comics and then there is the fans’s SW”. I think we need to keep this firmly in mind.

  • Joshua Louis

    Don’t even have to jump to the 3 minute mark – Shriver describes it as “the first of 3 trilogies” around 1:34!