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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Great Hera!

Kit Quinn and Tallest Silver Need Your Help to Kickstart a Webseries About Cosplayers and Hijinks

If you’ve spent way too much time on The Mary and like, our Tumblr maybe, you might actually recognize Kit Quinn and Tallest Silver as Superma’am and Batma’am of the Genderbent Justice League. These buddies and cosplayers extraordinaire are looking to kickstart a webseries about, what else, cosplaying. But also general nerdery, hero worship, and living up to your fictional role models.

Also comedy. Check out their explanatory video above!

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  • Kit Quinn

    Thank you so much for featuring us! We really appreciate it :)

  • Michael Premsrirat

    Thank you so much for supporting our Kickstarter campaign last year! We completed production and are now in the middle of releasing episodes on YouTube, which you can see at