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How Orphan Black Films Seven Characters With One Actress

Turns out, they use two. Well, as well as a suite of digital trickery and the considerable talents and focus of Tatiana Maslany, and yeah, it’s getting harder and harder to fathom why she wasn’t nominated for an Emmy.

Previously in Orphan Black

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  • LifeLessons

    Tatiana is oh so good. :)

  • Anonymous

    This show has taken over my life.

  • Anonymous

    So cool! I was curious as to how they did it. Maslany, as she said, has explained it numerous times but visualizing how they do it and actually seeing how they do it are two completely different things. ‘Orphan Black’ is amazing, love the show, cannot wait for Season 2!

  • Anonymous

    How did they not get even an Emmy nomination? For acting or direction at least? None of the nominated shows come even close on those two criteria alone!