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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

There And Back Again

Hobbit Characters As Cartoons Are Delightfully Rankin-Bass-Like

Artist Francisco Guerrero has been working on a project transforming all the characters from The Lord of the Rings into cartoon characters, and the results are a sweet mix of Disney and Rankin-Bass, who were responsible for the 1977 animated version of The Hobbit. After the jump, even more characters from both of his most recent collections.

More hobbits, starting with Samwise:

Merry and Pippin:

Gimli the elf:



Gandalf (man, Tolkien used a lot of “g” names)


And finally, the very Disney Prince-looking Legolas:

Geek Tyrant also has Guerrero’s notes on each character (here are the descriptions for the first collection).

(via Geek Tyrant)

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  • Sean Samonas

    I don’t think Gimli is an elf…lol

  • Angel H.

    Rankin-Bass? I was thinking more like Genndy Tartakovsky.

  • ZenPoseur

    Gimli:     “Nobody tosses an elf!”
    Aragorn: “Wait, what?”

  • ainok

    Whyyyyy is Gimli listed as an elf?

  • Anonymous

    The ’77 Hobbit was produced by Rankin/Bass, and animated by Topcraft (which later became Studio Ghibli)  Gentle Giant Ltd made stylized/animation-style maquettes of the WETA version of the LOTR characters, predating this by a number of years.

    These look more like the style of Penny Arcade than Topcraft (except the eyes on Frodo).

  • Ryan Bonneville

    Elves get tossed pretty often, if you catch my drift.

  • Anonymous

  • Pepijn

    I like Mary Sue on the whole, but it’s disappointing how they just toss each article over the fence and never look at it, or the comments, again. It *still* says “Gimli the elf” on here, and their oblivious repost of an April Fool’s joke (Doctor Who episodes being received from space) is still just as oblivious.

    Both are by Jamie Frevele, by the way. One wonders whether that is just a coincidence.

  • Eclipse

    Loved Saruman & Galadriel