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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

Felicity Jones Joins the Cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Possibly as Black Cat?

British actress Felicity Jones was rumored to the one of the frontrunners to play Sharon Carter in Captain America: Winter Soldier. That didn’t happen, obviously—Emily VanCamp got the role instead—but now it’s been confirmed that she’ll be in another Marvel movie: The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

But whom will she play?

In an interview with RTL Netherlands the actress expressed enthusiasm for appearing in TASM2, saying “I’ve never done a superhero movie. It’s very nice to you as an actor in several worlds to go and to experiment.”

Though she wouldn’t say who she’s playing, the speculation is that she might be suiting up as Black Cat.

She could be playing a past version of Aunt May or Peter’s mother, instead; we already know the movie’s going to have flashbacks. My intuition is that that won’t be the case, though. Jones is an up-and-coming actress whose star is rising. It doesn’t seem likely to me that they’d cast her in a role where she’d be in just a few scenes and probably wouldn’t have cause to be in the sequel (unless director Marc Webb extends the backstory over two movies).

Having Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, and Black Cat in the same movie might be a bit overcrowded… but then the real meat of Mary Jane’s role will apparently be in The Amazing Spider-Man 3, and I’ve read she’ll pretty much only be introduced in 2. So who knows? Black Cat being in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is 100% speculation at this point, as the only thing we know for sure is that Felicity Jones has been cast. When we hear confirmation as to her character we’ll be sure to let you know.

(via: blastr)

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  • Matt Graham

    Hells yeah. As long as it’s the strong, butt-kicking Felicia from Maximum Carnage and various Spider-Man comics and not the sassy frustrated maybe-girlfriend of the 90s cartoon. And I don’t even mind that, but if you go that route, then you’re talking Morbius and PLAAAASMA, and I just get sad.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what good Black Cat can bring to the franchise, really. She always has that problem of looking too much like the more famous Catwoman and she’s well behind Watson and Stacy among the girlfriends of Peter Parker. She has her use in a tv show or a comic series but a movie franchise is usually quite short.

  • Matt Graham

    A big concern is that we have Rhino and Electro confirmed (yeah!), and then Venom being strongly hinted at by the director last week. Then you’re throwing MJ in AND teasing Felicia?

    It’s rumoured Harry Osborne could be Venom ala the new cartoon, which is cool in my book, but if you want to throw Cat in, she better have an alter ego that plays havoc with Spidey and Peter, and that’s hard to do if you’re already introducing MJ. Because even if Movie Two is about Peter liking Gwen and Felicia and introducing MJ, and three undoubtedly has to be about falling for MJ, it’s sketchy formula.

    Granted, Gwen might die, as that’s how he fell for MJ in the first place, but Gwen’s death also mellowed Mary Jane, so if they go that route they need to pull from Spider-Man Blue and explore the girls’ relationship. I don’t know man, it’s a lot. Now that you say it, yeah, I don’t see what Cat brings to the table, but then again, my rambling here may be entirely off the mark, anyway.


  • Betty Windsor

    Maybe they will do a montage of Spidey fighting random villains, that’s what I would think all the people hiring is for.

  • Angry And Yellow

    She doesn’t really look like Felicia Hardy to me. Too bad Fox has the rights to the X-Men all wrapped up because I think she’d make a great Kitty Pryde. It would tie a little bit of the Ultimate Universe into the Amazing Spider-Man movies (It worked for the other Marvel Movies (c) Nick Fury).

  • Matt Graham

    If they did, I hope we see the Enforcers.

  • TKS

    Wait, who’s playing Mary Jane?

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Shailene Woodley.

  • Jesika

    My first thought was Betty Brant.

  • TKS

    Now, take this with a grain of salt because I’ve never seen The Descendents, but that makes me really sad.