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  1. You Should Sign up Today for Tomorrow’s Apple OS X Yosemite Beta Launch

    Or wait until they work the Bugs out with 10.11 Yosemite Sam.

    Apple's making big changes to Mac OS X with 10.10 Yosemite that are akin to iOS 7's visual overhaul. So, they're holding a public beta to make sure it goes smoothly and probably to avoid some of the (mostly unwarranted) backlash that came along with the iOS 7 release. It starts tomorrow, but they won't accept everyone, so you should sign up today.

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  2. Real Biologist Gives In-Universe Breakdown of Sarlacc Biology for “The Tatooine Science Blog Carnival”

    Now when do we start on the lightsaber science?

    Though not quite as boring as being slowly digested for 1,000 years, it can get boring waiting around for interesting science to happen. So biologists, evolutionary biomechanists, and more have decided to keep their scientific muscles (brains) in shape by examining the incredibly interesting science of the planet of Tatooine in a series of entertaining and educational in-universe blog posts.

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  3. British Inventor Builds Giant Fart Machine, Will Point It at France

    Technically it's a pulse jet, but let's call a fart machine a fart machine.

    British inventor Colin Furze is building a gigantic fart machine and fake butt to put it behind so that he can point it at France. Why? I've reached out in an email asking exactly that, but have not had a response yet. For now let's just work under the assumption that it's because farts are funny, so giant farts should be even funnier.

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  4. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Analgesics: How Do They Work? Turns Out We Don’t Actually Know

    Nanobots? A series of tubes? I have a headache just thinking about it.

    For as much as people rely on acetaminophen–better known as Tylenol–for pain relief, we don't actually know why it works. There are a few theories, but no one can say for sure. In the latest from The American Chemical Society's Reactions series, they try to explain the possible ways this stuff works, and also why it might be more dangerous than you think.

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  5. Study Shows Drinking Alcohol Improves Your Sense of Smell, Scientific Wonders Never Cease

    Drink alcohol, smell great! Wait...

    Science says alcohol makes you smell better! Thanks science! Oh, wait, sorry—alcohol improves your sense of smell, according to new research into the wondrous powers that humans gain from alcohol. It doesn't, in fact, make you smell better. It mostly just makes you smell like alcohol.

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  6. This Video of Dana Scully Talking About Science Is Our New Summer Jam

    You can't argue the science behind that funky beat.

    "Scully Likes Science" isn't your average supercut. Anyone could cut together a bunch of X-Files clips where Scully talks about science, but Ryan English put it to music and created something that I will put up against any other track as the song of the summer. At least, for science geeks.

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  7. World’s Largest Aquatic Insect Discovered In China, Needs An Appropriately Horrifying Name

    In before people saying it's not that big. In before you because you've probably been chomped by a giant bug.

    In the unofficial "eww, what is that weird bug" Olympics, several factors come into play--pure exoticism and number of limbs are of course important variables, but as always, size matters. A recently discovered as-yet-unnamed aquatic insect believed to belong to the mysterious Megaloptera order has been found in Middle Earth China, and I think we can probably go ahead and give it the gold medal right now. I'm sure it has a hoard somewhere to store it in.

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  8. Game Changer: Seedless Mangos Now a Reality

    Can you tell a fruit to no longer have seeds? Such is mango. Yes. Yes you can.

    Mangos are delicious, but that big dumb seed in the middle makes eating one a challenge. There's got to be a better way! Thankfully Indian fruit scientists have bred a mango that does away with the seed leaving nothing but delicious, delicious fruit. Who wants smoothies?

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  9. How Do Our Bodies Know Left From Right? PBS Show It’s Okay To Be Smart Explains [Video]

    Does it just do that thing where you make L's with your hands?

    Most people know their left from their right, and so do their bodies. But how? In the third and final video in their series on guts, It's Okay To Be Smart looks at exactly that. This episode delves into the important of symmetry and asymmetry to life, and where those things may have come from in evolution.

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  10. Why Do LEGO Pieces Keep Washing Up on Cornish Beaches?

    Come on, Aquaman. Put your toys away when you're done!

    When an immense wave struck the container ship Tokio Express back in 1997 it caused 62 shipping containers to fall into the ocean. One of those containers held almost five million pieces of LEGO, and those pieces are still washing up on beaches in Cornwall 17 years later.

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