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Did Researchers Really Try and Say Urination Games Are the Reason Boys Score Higher in Physics?


Zooming into the notable gender gap in answering projectile questions specifically, the theory questions whether that might be because of participation in ball sports or.....peeing. 

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A Neural Network Invents D&D Spells, and Decides “Dave” Is the Most Magical Name Of All

Research scientist Janelle Shane has trained a neural network to generate Dungeons & Dragons spells, with wonderful results like Curse Clam, Dance of Sack, Poxsare, and Cursing wink.

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Science Confirms What the Vikings Repeatedly Told Us: Women Were Warriors, Too

DNA research on a warrior grave in Sweden seems to confirm what the stories in Viking sagas would suggest: women, too, could serve as high-status warriors in Viking society.

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Maybe We Should Be Afraid of Murderous Sex Robots, But I Am Instead Intrigued

The next frontier in internet-of-things hacking is apparently sex robots.

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Here’s How the Department of Energy Is Censoring Science That Doesn’t Support Its Message

Fears about what will become of scientific investigation under the Trump administration is nothing new, but a report from the Department of Energy yesterday seemingly confirmed our fears, followed by some full-blown climate change censorship.

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Get a Animated Sneak Peek at What the Eclipse Will Look Like From Your Zip Code

TIME's neat feature lets you see what the Solar eclipse will look like from different zip codes around the United States.

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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Points Out the Pervasive Sexism That Google Memo Wrote Off

The story of a memo circulating within Google continues to unfold, with the author now filing a complaint for being fired and giving an interview to an anti-feminist, right-wing YouTuber who's said some eyebrow-raising things at a men's rights conference about how women are to blame for men's violence. You know, in case you were tempted to believe the articles going around about how the memo wasn't thinly-veiled sexism in itself.

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Members of Congress Let the FCC Hear It Over Terrible Net Neutrality Plan

The FCC, under Trump-appointed Chairman Ajit Pai, has been looking to roll back protections on net neutrality intended to make internet service providers treat all services fairly and equally. They've done that with a lot of disingenuous talk about regulations that are simpler for customers to understand and making everyone play by the same rules, and now some U.S. Senators and Representatives have sent the FCC a letter explaining that they're not buying it.

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The Man Responsible for Those Annoying Password Requirements Regrets Them

B3tTer l4Te th@n neV3r!

People are bad at passwords, and while that would certainly be true regardless of what Bill Burr wrote, his suggestions on making passwords secure contributed to the problem. You may not know who Burr is, but you've certainly encountered his guidelines in all those requirements for special characters and numbers that make your password difficult to remember. Much like you, he regrets the effect they've had on passwords, although maybe for slightly different reasons.

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This Is What an “Honest Discussion” About Reverse Racism and Sexism Gets You, Google

Over the weekend, a manifesto of sorts that was circulating within Google made big news with its gripes about how the company's diversity initiatives are actually harmful and discriminatory—I'll give you one guess as to who that'd be against. The author, despite furthering harmful stereotypes and misconceptions of biology, pleaded for an "honest discussion." There's just one problem: We already know how that discussion goes.

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Here’s a Fantastic Takedown of That Google Employee’s Sexist “Anti-Diversity” Screed

A Google engineer's "manifesto"—shared internally—went viral within the company and kicked the Internet into a frenzy. Now, measured and brilliant pushbacks are pouring in, and this one is my favorite.

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NASA Is Hiring a “Planetary Protection Officer.” Please Line Up in an Orderly Fashion.

So is the application process a Last Starfighter situation or ... ?

You know the kind of sci-fi movie where you're staring at the screen in disbelief not because of the amazement of how far special effects have come, but because some bonehead is getting a little too comfortable with a seemingly harmless specimen from an alien world, and you just know it's about to sprout some gnarly teeth and gnaw some faces off? Yeah, NASA's seen those, too, which is why they have a "planetary protection officer" job opening.

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Artificial Intelligence Invents New Language Humans Can’t Understand

In an artificial intelligence (AI) experiment at Facebook, two AIs began chatting to each other in a more efficient version of English that the human researchers couldn't decipher. Let the plot to overthrow humanity begin!

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The FCC Can’t Even Fight Net Neutrality Without Getting Sued Over Transparency Laws

Truly instilling us with confidence.

The FCC, led by Trump appointee Ajit Pai, is still on its crusade to roll back Obama-era net neutrality rules in the name of doing what's best for the internet, but the FCC's information policies haven't been nearly as transparent as their lies. They're now being sued for breaking the Freedom of Information Act with respect to records about net neutrality, which is certainly a reassuring respect for accountability from an agency that now thinks looser regulations are the answer.

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Afghanistan’s All-Girl Robotics Team Won a Silver Medal at Their Competition

After being denied their visas twice, a six-girl robotics team from Afghanistan was awarded the Rajaa Cherkaoui El Moursli Award for Courageous Achievement at an international robotics competition.

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Maryam Mirzakhani, the First Woman Honored with The Fields Medal, Has Died at the Age of 40

Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman and first Iranian to be awarded the Fields Medal, has passed away at the age of 40 from breast cancer. 

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Afghanistan’s All-Girl Robotics Team Will Get to Attend Their Competition After All

After public outcry ensued when they were initially denied their visas, the all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan has been granted parole to enter the U.S. and compete in the FIRST Global Challenge in Washington, D.C.

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Trillion Ton Iceberg Breaks Off of Antarctic Shelf, Prompting (Even More) Discussion About Climate Change

A massive chunk of ice just broke off of one of the largest ice shelves in Antarctica. The chunk is roughly the size of Delaware (or twice the size of Luxembourg), and weighs about a trillion tons.

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The Internet Is Going to Look a Bit Different Tomorrow Because of Net Neutrality

Among the many horrible things worth worrying about in politics right now, including the potential ruination of health care, the FCC is still moving towards reversing President Obama-era rules on net neutrality. Whether for altruistic reasons or out of self interest—or likely both—many entities across the web will be making a show of their support for actual net neutrality, rather than what the current FCC is peddling.

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Who Wants to Help This Library Summon Some Ancient Demons?

The Newberry Library in Chicago is inviting nerds across the world to help them live out a horror movie plot by transcribing a bunch of early modern texts that "deal with magic—from casting charms to conjuring spirits."

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