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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Real Or Not Real?

Katniss Thinks She’ll Stand For Her Official Capitol Portrait, Thank You Very Much

We’ve previously seen Catching Fire portraits of Effie, Haymitch, and Caesar; now it’s time for Katniss, Cinna, and new character Beetee (played by Jeffrey Wright) to take center stage.

Cinna and Beetee are behind the jump. I’m shedding a single perfect tear over the lack of an official portrait of Seneca Crane’s glorious beard.

(via:, Reel Life With Jane)

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  • Natalie Willoughby

    How could she sit down in that dress anyway?!?

  • Anonymous

    Love her dress! So capitol-ish

  • Anonymous

    So… is what’s happening to Cinna’s left leg a PS error, or is it supposed to look like that?

  • Hannele Kormano

    I think it’s intentional – a voluminous boot with very tight leggings. Even so, it does look a little weird, now that you mention it :/

  • ampersands

    It makes his hip seem in two places at once.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, but I can’t figure out why they would want to photoshop the pic in the first place…

  • Anonymous

    Effie did just fine, thankyouverymuch. X)

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you. She couldn’t sit if she wanted too without the dress going over her head. Besides, what a waste of dress if she did sit. That baby needs center stage.

    SN: Jennifer Lawrence is so pretty but when she’s made up she is drop dead.

  • Marion Yelle

    Omg, Beetee!

  • Natalie Willoughby

    Agreed on all counts! I tried on a wedding dress that went up over my head when I sat down. TBH, it was kinda awesome :)

  • Natalie Willoughby

    Yeah, but that’s not saying much – Effie does just fine with everything the rest of us can’t manage :)