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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Rebecca Pahle — Associate Editor

Rebecca Pahle is an entertainment journalist/film nerd who hails from the BBQ-obsessed state of North Carolina and currently lives in New York City. She's an associate editor at The Mary Sue and regular contributing writer for Pajiba (; misc personal bloggages about film and TV can be read at her personal site, Cinefeels (

Posts by Rebecca Pahle

It Came From Outer Space

Didn’t Watch Last Night’s Agents of SHIELD? Don’t Worry, You Can Still Catch the New Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser [VIDEO]

In addition to showing us some of the stars of Guardians of the Galaxy, plus Kevin Feige, talking about their upcoming superhero flick, this teaser from last night’s Agents of SHIELD gave us what has to be among the top five screencaps of Vin Diesel ever to exist:



ATTN Tumblr: There’s a Benedict Cumberbatch Coloring Book

This is no hock, Sherlock: Artist Mel Elliott of I Love Mel is selling a coloring book (“With added fun and games!”) based on Tumblr’s favorite actor who isn’t Tom Hiddleston. There’s a Ryan Gosling one, too. As long as we’re doing kid’s books based on Tumblr obsessions, can I recommend a Dr. Seuss parody where Joan Watson saves Christmas? It’ll be called Lucy Liu Who.


It is known

Jill and Rebecca’s 25 Favorite Moments From Game of Thrones, The Lion and the Rose

Are you done freaking out about last Sunday’s Game of Thrones? ‘Cause Jill and I aren’t. We took screencaps of our 25 favorite moments so we can all get together and reminisce about what an amazing 47 minutes of television that was. Did we not include your favorite? (There are, after all, so many good ones.) Drop us a comment.



Astronaut Wears Firefly, Star Trek Shirts In First Instagrams From Space

Was NASA astronaut Steve Swanson, currently residing on the ISS, already wearing this Firefly t-shirt (“Shipping & Logistics: Everything’s Shiny”) when he decided to take the first Instagram sent from space? Or did he decide to take the pic and then think “Wait, this could be even more nerdy. Time to go change!” Either way, gotta love it.

For the second Instagram taken from space, by the way, Swanson wore a t-shirt featuring the symbol of the Klingon Empire. Should we be worried about his allegiances? Check that one out behind the jump.


That's What She Said

Elizabeth Olsen Talks Filming Age of Ultron, Playing “Grounded Badass” Scarlet Witch

You know and I know that if actors in the MCU reveal anything in press interviews that could be considered even vaguely spoilery, Kevin Feige sends his bayonet-armed howler monkeys after them to make sure they never talk again. So Elizabeth Olsen, playing Scarlet Witch in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, doesn’t reveal story details or anything specific in her interview with Flaunt Magazine. But there’s still some interesting stuff in there about filming a Marvel movie and how being Scarlet Witch has affected her on a personal level.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Terrific Totoro Tattoo

I’m pretty sure I’d never want to wear a shirt with a back again if I had this piece of art by Nika Samarina on my person. (Geek Universe)


Get In Loser We're Going Shopping

How Much Of Hot Topic’s New Maleficent Clothing Line Would You Wear?

I’m not exactly looking forward to Disney’s Maleficent, but damn, I would wear the hell out of several of the items in Hot Topic’s new Maleficent Fashion Collection, available for pre-order starting today. Other pieces look like they belong in a ’90s goth teen movie à la The Craft, which is its own kind of charm.



Funcom Wades Into Sexist Waters With Mankini-Gate Costume Goof

Recently Funcom has found itself the center of attention in a discussion over sexism. It came about after an April Fools’ Day joke went wrong in The Secret World. The joke itself wasn’t the issue. Not directly, at any rate. In fact it had originally meant to be a jab at themselves. I’m talking about the drama around mankini-gate.



Brace Yourself For Cuteness; A New Annie Trailer Is Here [VIDEO]

I have, like, negative interest in an Annie movie, but watching the trailers makes me want to sing that the sun’ll come out tomorrow while I skip around Manhattan in a cute red coat. What have you done, Quvenzhané Wallis? What have you done?

(via: /Film)

Previously in Annie


i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

This Disney Firefly Fanart Is Joss Whedon-Approved

Hit the jump for a larger version of Stephen Byrne‘s Disney Firefly illustration, plus another one of Disney Buffy. I would watch the shiny hell out of both of them. Imagine Zoe and Wash’s duet!