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Get Pumped for Some Saturday Morning Chess With Round 3 of the Zurich Chess Challenge

Chess Bump.

Magnus Carlsen Levon Aronian in Zurich

We’re heading into day three of the Zurich Chess Challenge. Carlsen vs. Aronian and Gelfand vs. Caruana both drew, and Anand vs. Nakamura ended with another disappointing loss for the former world champion Anand. You can watch all those games, and check out today’s action live right here.

Today, Carlsen is taking black against Nakamura, Anand will play black against Caruana, and Gelfand will face Aronian with the black pieces. My inexpert prediction is that Carlsen, Anand, and Aronian will walk away with wins. The game to watch will be Carlsen vs. Nakamura since the two men are in a three-way-tie with Aronian for first place in the standings. Unless they draw, someone is taking a slight advantage, and it’s hard not to put your money on Carlsen.

The games begin at 9:00AM ET, so why not take some time to review yesterday’s games while you wait.

(via Chess24 and Susan Polgar, image via Zurich Chess Challenge)

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