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Monkeys Knocked Out Power Across the Country of Zambia, Prepare for the Monkey Revolution

Is this viral marketing for the new Planet of the Apes movie?

Monkey on Power Lines

We’ve already addressed the squirrel menace, and the surprising frequency with which they knock out power here in the US, but it seems other countries have animal problems of their own. Monkeys knocked out all power in the country of Zambia recently. What are you planning, Zambian monkeys?

The outage was relatively short-lived, lasting from 8:00 AM to 9:33 AM on December 30th after monkeys executed their strategic attack on the Kariba North Bank Power Station in Siavonga District to disable human power so that they can begin their rebellion. At least we’re assuming that’s what happened.

The attack on the Kariba North Bank Power Station left many people in Zambia without power, but the monkeys didn’t manage to knock out the entire power grid. At least… not this time. To prevent further monkey raids, a PR spokeswoman said:

Furthermore, we have embarked on a project to put up an electric fence around the switchyard in order to keep the monkeys away. We have also put people in strategic places to chase away the monkeys when seen approaching the switchyard.

Your move, monkeys.

(Times of Zambia via David Miller, image via Andrea Gros)

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