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YouTube Adds Vuvuzela Button; Apocalypse Looms

If you groggily signed onto YouTube this morning, you may have noticed a football soccer ball-shaped button on many of your videos’ bottom panel. You may then have pressed that button, and discovered a buzzing vuvuzela that drowns out the audio of whatever you’re watching. If you are like many people, you then proceeded to either Google “youtube vuvuzela” or Tweet about it (or post a Facebook status update about it, maybe?) because YouTube’s vuvuzela hax is currently a top trend on both Twitter and Google search. Truly, the World Cup brings nations together. 

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The vuvuzela button went live sometime between 9pm and 10pm EDT last night. It appears that it doesn’t work on some of YouTube’s ‘premium’ channels, like VEVO; thus, if you wanted to watch Justin Bieber’s “Somebody to Love (Remix) ft. Usher” ft. vuvzela, your dreams are cruelly dashed.

There’s no word of it on YouTube’s official blog, and no indication of how long it’s going to last. But hey! Even a buzzing vuvuzela is going to be more popular than Google’s forced homepage background experiment.

Since you know you wanted to watch a video titled “OMG Trololo Cat” with added vuvuzela:

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