You Shall Not PASS! Farmer Uses Tractor to Dig Impromptu Firebreak

Hardcore farming? Yeah, that's a thing now thanks to this guy.
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When a lightning strike set his field ablaze, Colorado farmer Eric Howard was out driving his tractor, doing…whatever you do in a tractor. I don’t know, okay, I’m a city kid. The point is that rather than drive his motorized vehicle away from the fire — which seems like a highly reasonable plan, given the circumstances. Howard instead rode right up beside the swiftly advancing wall of flame. He wasn’t just hotdogging, though. By riding alongside the blaze, Howard mowed a firebreak that held the flames at bay long enough for firefighters to arrive and save his field. Not for nothing, he also demonstrated that he is in possession of a pair of stainless steel balls.

(via RT)

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