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The Farting Policeman: Officer’s Flatulence Helps Bust Pot Grow-Op

You'll make Sergeant for this, Officer Fart Cop.

Marijuana Plant

Today in Top Notch Police Work news, police in Britain sniffed out an outdoor marijuana farm and brought the operation to a halt — and it was all thanks to the rank farts of one of their colleagues.

A patrol car full of officers in Leicester found themselves forced to roll their windows down and get some fresh air when confronted with a colleague who couldn’t stop breaking wind. Their respite from the gas-passing peace officer, though, was interrupted by another smell the police were familiar with — the odor of marijuana plants wafting through the summer air.

The officers followed their noses down the road to a nearby home where an investigation turned up a marijuana grow-op that police estimate to be worth… 12,000 pounds, or about $19,000. As far as drug farms go, that might be the very definition of “rinky-dink” but hey, an arrest is an arrest, I guess.

“It was a good collar and it was all down to this officer and his flatulence,” one police source said. No word on whether the officer — or his flatulence — will be receiving a commendation for their work on the case. For what it’s worth, we suspect the cop involved would just as soon clear the air and leave the situation behind him.

(via Orange, image via flickr)

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