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Missed Out on Xbox One and PS4 Preorders? Walmart’s Giving You a Second Chance

Get to the pickings before they're slim

Xbone PS4

Those Xbox One and PS4 preorders went by pretty fast, huh? If you overslept the day that retailers put them out, then good news: Walmart’s going to have a new stock of preorders available this Saturday, August 24. So maybe South Park was wrong and Walmart’s not that evil after all.

These aren’t your average $5 minimum preorders, though. You’ll need to give a 10 percent down payment in order to reserve a shiny new console. So that means you’ll need to pay $40 for the PS4 and $50 for the Xbox One. But don’t fret if you can’t immediately pay the rest.

You have the option of paying in full when you preorder. This is pretty smart on Walmart’s part, given that many people want these consoles but don’t have the $399-499 up front. The store will hold your console for you from launch date (November 15 for the PS4, the Xbox One’s is still unknown) until December 13, and throughout that period you’ll be able to make payments to cover the cost of the system.

These are probably going to be huge Black Friday/holiday season items, so if you want to pick either up by the end of this year, this is a good time to get a leg up on the inevitable demand.

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