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Xbox One Gets the HAL 9000 Treatment, May Take Over Your Whole House [Video]

We're not trying to fear monger, here, but if you buy an Xbox One, maybe don't give it control over the pod bay doors.

This afternoon’s conversation around the Geekosystem office has centered on what we’re going to call the Xbox One for short. The One is clearly a non-starter, despite what are likely the fond wishes of Microsoft’s marketing department. Calling it an Xbox, meanwhile, just makes me feel like I’m in the dorms again, a sensation I seek to avoid at every turn. The front-runner at the moment, much to my lasting chagrin, seems to be “Xbone,” a name that is just terrible enough for us to be stuck with it.

Seemingly in touch with our problems, though, the filmmakers over at Gritty Reboots have offered to assist in our naming dilemma. Considering the new console aspires to run your entire living room and likely won’t stop there, their latest short suggests we can just call the new system HAL. Just keep in mind that while the new system won’t be “always on,” unplugging it will be the saddest act in the history of ever.

Also, it may occasionally threaten your life. Consider yourself warned.

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