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How to Get Us Interested in an Alice in Wonderland Show: Make Alice an LA Cop

Curiouser and curiouser!

Please let her be in narcotics, please let her be in narcotics. The CW is putting all its potential pilot ducks in a row, from a “high school movie monster” drama, to a Sleepy Hollow show, to the possible revitalization of Wonder Woman as a television star. And now one more announcement.

We know there are many out there (including those on the staff of The Mary Sue) who have tired of being at this particular crest of the dark fairy-tale adaptation ebb and flow…

But I’m sorry. I’m 100% on board for an Alice and Wonderland remaining where Alice is, instead of an innocent but impudent school girl, a kickass Los Angeles cop.

According to The Hollywood Reporter,

A script has been commissioned for… Wunderland, which is being billed as a contemporary iteration of Alice in Wonderland…The drama will center on a young female detective in present-day Los Angeles who discovers another world that exists under the surface of this ultra-modern city.

Wunderland, because it’s UNDER the city. Ah. Hah. Well, that would explain why nobody in their right mind takes the subway in LA. I wonder what fictional-drug trade the show will revolve around? Because you know it’s going to revolve around a fictional drug. A fictional hallucinogen. Or at least it will if the writers have two brain cells to rub together.

I, for one, plan to enjoy the adventures of Alice in Wunderland, one cop against two rival female drug lords.

(via AV Club.)

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