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This is Not A Drill: The CW Is Developing A Young Wonder Woman Show

Great Hera!

If someone was thinking about making a Wonder Woman show, you would want to know, right? No matter how many times we’ve been burned? No matter how early in the production it is? No matter if it’s just a concept and not a script?

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Yeah. I know. I’d want to know too.

From Vulture comes the word that the CW, Warner Bros., and DC comics are collaborating to start anew in the process of creating a Wonder Woman television show, with Allan Heinberg.

Heinberg is a very interesting choice, not so much for his producer/writer television credits (Grey’s Anatomy, The O.C., Gilmore Girls, and Sex in the City) but for his comic writing credits. Among some issues of The Young Avengers and JLA, Heinberg penned a five issue story arc of Wonder Woman in 2006. And not just some random five issues, but Wonder Woman #1-5, a reintroduction to the character after the events of Identity Crisis that features not only some of her most famous villains, but Diana Price, Wonder Woman’s frequent alter-ego, and Donna Troy, most often known as Wonder Girl.

According to Vulture, the show will focus on Diana as a young superhero finding her way in Man’s World, and is going by the title Amazon. This focus on origin, frankly, is a welcome change from NBC’s David E. Kelley attempt, and not because Wonder Woman’s origin is “too complicated” as is often argued. It’s simply that a show that focuses more on her origin is less likely to be one that drops the Amazons entirely from the concept, sets up Wonder Woman as a CEO and superhero with an image problem, and maybe even less likely to be one that dresses her in the shiniest lycra the costume designer could find. In other words, it’s more likely to actually be a TV show about Wonder Woman.

That said: this is a script, not a call for a pilot. The CW declined to comment to Vulture on their involvement in developing the script.


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