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Writers, Here’s How to Get Rid of Distractions (Without Moving off the Grid)

You’ve found your favorite coffee mug. You’ve sat down at your desk. You’ve adjusted your chair. You’ve readjusted your chair. Finally, you’re ready to write…oh, what’s that? A Facebook argument you need to attend to? Guess the writing will have to wait. If that sounds familiar—if it doesn’t, you’re an alien—you could probably use some help with steering clear of distractions as you write. BlankPage’s got you covered—get it for $24.99 at the Mary Sue Shop.

BlankPage is one blank page you don’t have to fear. The app helps you stay motivated throughout the writing process, helping you set goals (like word count), tracking your progress, sending you inspiration when you need it, keeping your eyes away from your desktop, and more. Use it for your next blog post or your novel—it’s good for either and everything in between.

Stay on track, meet your writing goals, and keep your focus. Get BlankPage for $24.99 at the Mary Sue Shop.

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