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Traveling Internationally This Year? Bypass Those Pesky Cellular Roaming Fees With a Low-Cost eSIM Data Plan From GigSky!

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Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on high roaming fees during your international trips? GigSky is here to help with their low-cost International eSIM Data Plans.

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With GigSky, you can pay a fraction of the cost for a cellular data plan, make a couple of small changes in your phone settings, and have instant, high-quality cellular data the moment you land for your international trip.

Trusted by over 250,000 travelers around the world and with an above-average 4.6 rating out of nearly 800 customer reviews on Apple’s App Store, GigSky is the premier choice for all your international travel data needs.

What is GigSky?

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, GigSky has been a champion of global mobility and an advocate of consumer choice for over a decade. They are the first eSIM Based Mobile Network Operator, and their data-only network covers 200+ destinations and access to over 400 networks worldwide including maritime networks (cruise ships) and inflight.

How is GigSky different from traditional eSIM resellers?

Almost every eSIM company on the market today is just a reseller of someone else’s services. They buy a handful of eSIM profiles from a local carrier and resell these to their customers. Unfortunately, this means that they are not able to offer any meaningful support to those who buy a plan.

GigSky, on the other hand, is an actual network operator. They partner with over 400 cellular providers across the globe and are able to provide their customers with top-flight data connectivity. If a certain network goes down, GigSky simply shifts its users to one that is not down. eSIM resellers are not able to do this. Heck, they wouldn’t even know the network they sold to the customer is down.

Being an operator provides one other major customer benefit—the ability to use one eSIM, no matter where you travel. For resellers, each plan you buy generates a new eSIM, requiring customers to download, activate, and change over to this new eSIM. That can be quite complex for many people. With GigSky, once your eSIM is set up, it doesn’t matter where you travel. You’ll be able to continue to use a single eSIM. Even as you travel back and forth between countries, GigSky will automatically shift your plan to the country you are in.

In addition to providing service in over 190 countries, GigSky users can use their product while at sea (on over 190 different cruise ships), offshore (throughout the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea), and inflight (on over 20 different airlines). No other eSIM competitor can boast the same combination of land/sea/air options.

Trusted by companies like Apple and Visa

Did you know that GigSky was a launch partner with Apple when the eSIM was first released in 2018? Apple selected GigSky to be one of its launch partners due to GigSky’s deep expertise in data connectivity and history of technical innovation.

Also, GigSky’s global partnership with Visa, whereby eligible Visa cardholders can redeem a complimentary data plan as a cardholder benefit highlights the quality of GigSky’s service and their ability to integrate their product with one of the leading financial services companies in the world. Visa selected GigSky as their global partner due to their unsurpassed network quality, their 24/7/365 Live customer support, and the simplicity of the user experience.

The only eSIM company with a free plan

GigSky recently released a unique offering on the market—a free 100 MB plan. There are no strings attached and no credit card is required. Whether a customer is new to eSIM and wants to play around with the technology, or is new to GigSky and wants to test the quality of our service, their FREE plan is a difference maker in the industry. Consider this Free plan to be GigSky’s way of helping grow global awareness of eSIM technology and getting everyone connected no matter where they travel. Check out the GigSky website or download their app on Apple’s App Store for more information on how you can save some money with your upcoming travel plans.

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