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Wong in the Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Is an Entire Mood

Damnit Stephen!


Now that we’ve finally, finallyFINALLY gotten the first Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer after legitimately waiting for 84 years, we can add more speculation to our speculations about what Peter Parker’s getting himself into this time.

We can also add hilarious observations that actually have something to do with the movie instead of making Spider-Man trend every weekend because we think the trailer is coming, for realsies, pinky swear.

You can take your pick on what to focus on when it comes to the nearly 3-minute long video, but I choose to focus on Doctor Strange, who looks like he’s housesitting for Victor Fries, and Wong’s reaction to the events unfolding around him.

Because Wong is absolutely right in dipping out of that ice castle and its Agatha All Along winking resident.

Though as someone who has had to survive two days of Minnesota winter before our furnace could get fixed, I feel this look.

With everyone knowing that he’s Spider-Man, Peter’s life is in complete disarray. This leads to him asking Doctor Strange if he can make it so Mysterio never revealed his identity. To anyone else, this would be an impossible task, and, well, it is – at least according to Wong, who tells Strange not to cast that spell in a tone akin to a parent telling their child not to do (insert thing that you know they ass gonna do anyway).

Then he leaves.

While there is a logical explanation for where he’s going (he’s in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings fighting Abomination) it is infinitely more fun to say that Wong is just done with Strange’s shit.

Wong hadn’t been willing to leave the Sanctum in Infinity War, but not only did he come through in End Game, he’s most likely on his way to come through in Shang-Chi. Asking Strange to be on his best behavior for a minute should not cause, well…

And you KNOW if Wong ends up coming back in the last 20 minutes of the movie, Strange is gonna give him this Oops All Universes look as if there was no way this couldn’t have been prevented, maybe even blame it on Wong because “you shouldn’t have left me to my own devices.”


My good doctor.

You literally had ONE job, sir!

You deserve this response:

Honestly, I hope Wong is going to a Beyonce concert, or at the very least, Strange gets him tickets to one to make up for all of this.

(Image: Marvel Studios)

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