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Let’s Unpack Everything That Happened in the Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

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The Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer finally came out, and while our excitement had us screaming all night long, now it’s time to break down everything we learned from our first look at Spider-Man: No Way Home! From Peter and MJ trying to have some semblance of a normal time together to a whole host of familiar faces coming our way, there were plenty of little easter eggs in the new trailer to keep us guessing until December.

So, let’s start with Zendaya’s MJ and Tom Holland’s Peter Parker just lying on top of a roof together.

If you look closely at the graffiti on the wall of the roof, it reads “DITKO” as a nod to Steve Ditko, the writer-artist who helped to create Peter Parker with Stan Lee, but more than that, it’s a look at the two trying to just have a normal relationship. The entire city is looking for Peter/turned against him, and so having a roof to hang with his girlfriend is sweet. But also, the shirt MJ has on is one that Peter wears later in the trailer when they’re FaceTiming each other.

MJ is also reading a New York Post story about Peter and his “powers.”

The reason they’re up there at all is because of J. Jonah Jameson outing Peter Parker to the world because of a lie from Mysterio. The Alex Jones-esque portrayal of the editor of the Daily Bugle gives us a man who doesn’t care about sharing “fake news” to the world without any source or corroboration.

This leads to pictures of Peter being just blasted throughout all of New York City.

Now, here is where our spider-senses are tingling. Peter is taken in to the police, who are blaming him for Mysterio’s death by saying that they were his drones that killed Quentin Beck—something that could probably be tracked through EDITH if they just had her pull up the records showing that Beck was in control of them. But with Peter in legal trouble, he needs a lawyer, right? Maybe one who knows what secret identities are …?

I’m saying that this man in a white shirt is for sure Matt Murdock. Like 90% for sure. Maybe 80%. Maybe just in my mind. Whatever. Let Daredevil come help.

But even if Peter clears his name, he still has a world of people out there who believe that he killed Quentin Beck, even if the footage shows otherwise because, for all they know, he could have also doctored his video. No matter what, Peter Parker loses because of Beck.

(Also, Peter is Mephisto, confirmed.)

But it’s clear that the world is instantly on the side of Mysterio and against Spider-Man, despite all the good that he’s done for New York and the universe. To them, they wanted a villain and they got one in Peter Parker—to the point where the police are literally chasing him and MJ down even when they were just trying to escape from a crowd of people after Jameson’s announcement.

But, much to what Mysterio wanted, Peter has no life separate from Spider-Man now. Throughout all of Far From Home, Peter just wanted to be a normal kid. Even in Homecoming, Peter was reminded time and time again that he was just a teenager and didn’t need to take on the world.

So what happens when that’s completely ripped from him and he’s forced to confront this newfound celebrity in the midst of all of his peers?

The trailer also did show us a look at how this is affecting those around Peter. Not only is Peter in danger now that his identity is out there, but now everyone who was around him is, as well. We see this with Aunt May and Peter sitting on their couch and clearly looking worried about whatever news is coming to them.

But it also seems as if Ned and May are forced into questioning about Peter—probably since they both have known the longest about Peter’s secret identity. Obviously, because Ned knew longer and kept it a secret, they seem to be using him as some sort of source? Maybe a character witness?

And I’m assuming May is there because she IS his legal guardian because Peter Parker is only 16 years old.

But in true Peter Parker fashion, he’s not waiting to see what the world decides for him, and after being inspired by Halloween decorations, he goes to Bleeker street to meet up with Stephen Strange and ask for help.

Now, our Kaila Hale-Stern dove into what in the world is going on with Strange, because why is the Sanctum Sanctorum covered in snow with Strange in with what looks like a sweatpants version of his normal look, complete with a down coat? Why? With a mug that says “For Fox Sake”? Is he okay?

Like really, asking for a friend and also because this is a depression mood if I have ever seen one.

Within Peter’s conversation with Strange, though, we see glimpses into what happened to Peter and what we can assume is going to happen throughout the movie, like Peter running through a cafeteria wearing the all-black Spider-Man suit.

And how he was mobbed after the footage was release from Mysterio that painted him as a murderer (even though Peter was up on top of the street sign while watching the breaking news bulletin at the end of the movie? Unless he jumped down to get MJ).

Whatever Stephen Strange is going through, though, he does agree to help Peter get the world to forget who he is. Even though Peter asked to just have them forget that Mysterio made the video.

But what is Strange if not an extra b*tch?

Even Wong tells them to NOT do this and that it’s a bad idea.

But then he says “okay bye” two seconds later.

Strange though, ever the man with an ego who loves to tell other people they’re egotistical, decides that he knows best and will do this spell that is so complicated that Wong made it a point to tell him to NOT DO IT while making it clear that it could ruin everything.

As I said, Strange doesn’t listen to Wong, so he goes about doing this spell. The spell in question isn’t anything like what Peter asked for. Peter wanted the video gone. Strange decides that everyone will forget that Peter is Spider-Man, and that’s not what Peter wants, either.

So much so that my little anxious son just keeps talking about how people he knows and loves should still remember despite Strange telling him to shut up. So while Sylvie’s determination to break the TVA apart and Wanda’s own powers helped to create the multiverse, Stephen Strange also accidentally contributed to it because he thought doing a spell with an anxious teenager was smart.

Clearly, Stephen Strange has never paid attention to Peter Parker while having a conversation with him.

Look at him! He’s so nervous about the multiverse, which is hilarious since he was so excited by the idea of it in Far From Home.

But Strange wasn’t lying, things are basically out of their hands because they don’t really know anything about the multiverse, and now we’re in Stephen Strange’s warping reality thing. Like, look at New York. I’d be upside down.

And now here is where things get interesting. Peter and Stephen are on this train together, and while I don’t think they’re fighting each other, it does look a bit like Stephen is at his wits end trying to understand what’s going on.

But Stephen Strange hitting Peter out of his body? This is where I’m convinced that, at this point, Stephen thinks Peter is a Skrull.

It’d make sense because Peter probably had to tell him about Fury and Hill, which would then lead to Strange learning about the Skrulls on Earth, because why else would he be doing this to Peter? He could just send Spider-Man to some other planet for a minute and be done with it, but this feels deliberate, like he needs information and thinks Peter isn’t who he says he is.

More than that, though, we did get looks into faces we know and love, like Jon Favreau returning to No Way Home as Happy Hogan.

And maybe Peter standing in front of none other than the LIZARD?!!?!? (Please note that this screengrab does not show the Lizard because it is literally the quickest shot in the world but I would love if Curt Connors appeared once more.)

But there may be even more villains on Peter’s horizon. Like … could this Electro and Sandman together?

Is this the confirmation I need that Willem Dafoe is for sure in this movie?

And then we have him, the one, the only: ALFRED MOLINA AS DOC OCK!

We knew that Molina was back as Doctor Otto Octavius, but seeing him in the flesh again? That’s something that none of us could prepare for—mainly because we all clearly have a nostalgia for these movies, and seeing the villains we grew up watching back in action? It’s a lot, especially for our young Peter Parker, who is lost and alone in New York.

There was no look into whether or not the rumors are true about Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield showing up, but seeing as it appears their villains are around, it’s still likely. At least now, though, we have this trailer to fuel all our theories for the next four months until the movie comes out.


Spider-Man: No Way Home is still set to hit theaters this December 17th.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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