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Start Your Morning Right With This Wonder Woman Mashup of Some Great Female Music Artists

Yesterday, Nerdist paid tribute to Wonder Woman while also paying tribute to some of history’s most influential female music artists. “Wonder Woman: Save the World” is about as nerdy mashup as it gets, let me tell ya, but it really is a wonderful selection of songs that reflect upon the heroine that is Wonder Woman, portrayed by Jessica Chobot, Ciara Renee (Legends of Tomorrow), and Katrina Rosita.

It starts out with a pretty rousing rendition of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’,” then moves on to Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman,” Madonna’s “Material Girl,” Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman,” Britney Spears’ “Stronger,” and then (because of course you can’t have a female-empowered mashup without the Queen Bee herself, Beyoncé) “Run the World (Girls).”

Rather than straight covers, though, the minds behind this video decided to Wond-ify the lyrics, making them all about her heroics and such. It’s a bit hard to put into words exactly what that means, so you should, for starters, watch the gosh darn video, then check out the lyrics below, which Nerdist kindly shared as well.

I’m willing to bet we’ll see this video pop up in some Alamo Drafthouse pre-show reels; we should be so lucky.

Nerdist’s lyrics follow:

“Wonder Woman: Save the World”

You keep sayin’ you want me in your league
Someone who will rise to the test
You’ve been fightin’ where you shouldn’t’ve been fightin’

And now, you need some help from this princess

These boots are made for battle
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna kick a hole in you

I am woman, watch me soar
Big golden shield and a broadsword!
Amazonian with power to defend

Send your villains to my shore
I’ll leave them bloodied, bruised, and sore
Send them running back into the world of men

If I have to
I can do anything
I am strong (strong!)
My jet’s invisible (invisible!)

I am woman…

Some boys fly and some boys buy
But they won’t save the day (no way!)
But I will, a demigodess
Sculpture made of clay-ay

Cause we all live in, a Themysciran world
And I’m a Themysciran girl
You know that we all live in a Themysciran world
And I’m a Themysciran girl

When I lasso you!
You’re lyin’ days are through
Ain’t no way to hide
Secrets deep inside
An evil scheme you’re keepin’ from me

Then instantly will be revealed, ’cause
I’m Wonder Woman

Can’t lie to me
Anything I wanna know baby
You’ll tell me easily


There’s no one I can’t beat or slay
My Ti-a-ra-aa
And my gold bracelets will deflect your blades

You might think that I won’t make it
On my own
But now I’m stronger than DOOMSDAY

Brought to life by Aphrodi-TAY
The daughter of Hippolyta is here

Who bring the thunder…(girls)
Who save the world? (girls) Who save the world? (girls)
Who save the world? (girls) Who save the world? (girls)
Shout out to Wonder (girls) We bring the thunder (girls)
Shout out to Wonder (girls) We bring the thunder (girls)
Who save the world? (girls) Who save the world? (girls)
Who save the world? (girls) Who save the world? (girls)

We are queens
What do we want?
To save the world
(who bring the thunder)

We are queens
What do we want?
To save the world


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