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6-Foot, Half-Ton Wine Rack Mech for Sale on Craigslist

You probably wouldn’t imagine that many wine connoisseurs are particularly interested in Transformer-style mech robots, but for the one or two out there who are, a very unique and uniquely awesome wine rack is on the market. As much art installation as wine rack, the WineMech stands six feet tall and is a one-of-a-kind and custom-welded out of a massive collection of used transmission parts from a veritable army of automobiles. Each piece has been meticulously cleaned to insure the removal of all corrosive meaterials, painted gunmetal grey, and clear-coated. In addition to being able to hold approximately 32 bottles of wine, this bad boy is also out-fitted with a bunch of LEDs because why not?

If you’re interested in buying it — well, seriously interested in buying it. You can reach out to its owner and make an offer. There’s no indication of what the owner is expecting for his (it has to be a dude, right?) baby, but considering the sucker weighs 1,000 pounds, you can bet shipping isn’t going to be cheap. For the moment, the behemoth is located in North Phoenix, so locals probably have an advantage, but I’m sure you could arrange to have it sent to Antarctica so long as you’re willing to pony up enough cash. Chance are though that you aren’t, or can’t, so you’ll have to suffice for some more pictures of the sucker in all its glory. These righteous snapshots — and just knowing that this monester exists in general — is surely of inherent worth.

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(Craigslist via Obvious Winner)

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