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32-Foot Confucius Sculpture is Staggeringly Realistic, Staggeringly Creepy


You want the Confucius? You can’t handle the Confucius! At least, you aren’t likely to be able to when you’re staring down this particular 32-foot behemoth. Built by Zhang Huan of An Yang City, China, Confucius here is made primarily out of silicone, steel, carbon fiber, and acrylic. His features are so surprisingly lifelike, you almost expect him to wake up and start trying to escape the floor he appears to be encased in, dispensing wisdom all the while.

According to Huan, the sculpture aims to address several pertinent cultural questions. In his words:

Faced with rapid economic and societal changes and energy and climate challenges, how can we achieve sustainable development? What responsibilities come along with China’s rise in international importance? Where is the sense of spiritual belonging for contemporary Chinese?

How exactly this sculpture addresses those questions other than by being a 32-foot sculpture of Confucius is anyone’s guess, but then again, that’s art, right? That being said, Huan clearly has some serious talent and as unsettling as this piece strikes me, I think Id like to see him continue to do other hyper-realistic, gargantuan busts.

See more pictures here.

(via The Fox Is Black)

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