Mini ED-209 Robocop Made From Recycled Metal is Cute Welded to Fearsome

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I am nothing if not a fan of mechs, and I am stoked to say that it is a very, very good year for mechs. As if it wasn’t good enough already (it is), this mini ED-209 Robocop junkbot is just gravy. A miniscule version of its sophisticated namesake, the mini ED-209 was constructed by TGNsmith out of recycled materials like  an old computer case and some spent propane tanks welded together with some love and ingenuity. The mini ED-209 junkbot actually has a big brother junkbot that weighs over 300 pounds, but this little guy has his own distinct characteristic: He’s for sale.

For $150 dollars, the mini junkbot can be all yours. He stands 13.5 inches tall, boasts a 15-inch wingspan, and a thickness of 8 inches. He’s also capable of a 90 degree torso twist, a must-have when you’re dishing out indiscriminate fire. Although he is cute — in a really indimidating sort of way — TGNsmith points out that he’s not for kids; he has sharp edges. No word as to whether or not he inhereted his father’s glitches.

I’m partial to an Uziel myself, but I have to say that this sculpture is pretty impressive and I’m more than a little drawn to it. If I had a $150 bucks to throw at some dangerous police prototypes, I might have to snatch it up. I don’t though, but if you do, he’s still available at the time of this writing, so maybe you’d like to give him a home. Just treat him nicely, or one of his larger relatives might arrange for you to have a very bad day.

(Etsy via Technabob)

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