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William Shatner Responds to Carrie Fisher After Fisher Responded to Shatner [Video]

Dammit Jim!

The battle between William Shatner and Carrie Fisher in the argument of which is the superior science fiction franchise, Star Trek or Star Wars, rages on. And when we say “rage,” we mean, “This is getting nasty now, you guys, seriously.” First, it was Shatner, waxing poetic on the iconic show that made him famous. Then, it was Fisher, doing her best to debunk Shatner by highlighting the cinematic nuances of the iconic movie that made her (more) famous. And now … now, Shatner is making super klassy remarks about Fisher’s ability to wear her Princess Leia bikini. This might be a series of mutually understood in-jokes, and let’s hope that’s exactly what it is so we don’t have to call Shatner a scumbag.

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