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Carrie Fisher Makes Fun Of Star Trek Because William Shatner Made Fun Of Star Wars

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

This seems like some sort of revenge…of something. Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher is striking back at Star Trek actor William Shatner after he dissed her franchise by…dissing his franchise. There may or may not have been blaster/phaser battles involved in this intergalactic space fight. Let’s go to the videotape! 

Fisher spoke with her friend Abe Gurko and posted this video to her YouTube page. He brings up Shatner started a Trek vs. Wars debate to which she ever so eloquently said, “”They’re not in the same league! I mean, they have the word ‘Star’ in the title and there’s a space travel, right? Where did they go to? Klingon? It just sounds like a laundry detergent.”

She also goes on the record saying Shatner has borrowed her famous metal bikini. “I want to see him in his clingy costume again. We should have a costume-off,” she said. She also takes a shot at Shatner’s male member, mentioning the time he sold his kidney stone for $75,000.

“There are no sunsets in Star Trek. They couldn’t afford it in their budget,” she said in one of a few shots at their special effects and added, “Our merchandising is so much better and my space buns…they’re so much better than [Leonard] Nimoy’s ears.”

And finally, the actress issues a suggestion to fans. “Here’s the thing, if you see Bill Shatner, call him Han Solo.”

Lesson taken: Don’t mess with space Princesses.

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