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How William Shatner Got Banned From Google+

A Lesson in Humility

There aren’t very many celebrities taking advantage of Google+ yet, but there is William Shatner. Captain Kirk/The Priceline Man took to the social networking site early, and has even been sending personal greetings to each of his new followers. But all that politeness is precisely why he was banned from the site for a bit. 

The personal messages, in their bulk, were read by Google+’s automatic spam filter as a threat, and his account was suspended.As Shatner reported on his Twitter:

My Google+ account was flagged for violating standards. Saying hello to everyone apparently is against the rules maybe I should say goodbye?

He didn’t say goodbye, however, and his account has been cleared and is up and running again. It has also been rumored that fans reporting his account as a possible impostor is what did it in in the first place. Google+ is still a baby, though, so things like these will probably continue and be fixed through trial and error.

In the meantime, though, you can’t keep a good Captain down.

(Tech Crunch via The Daily What)

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