Caitlyn from Arcane Season 2 Trailer by Netflix

‘Arcane’s Latest Season Won’t Be the Last of Runeterra

Isn’t Arcane’s second season just about to come to Netflix? I get the excitement, since things have changed drastically since the first season. Jinx has chosen to remain Silco’s daughter even after his death, and Vi became a Warden under Caitlyn.

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Vi and Jinx chose different paths, and not even their bond as sisters can stop their inevitable clash. But it shouldn’t take another season to wrap things up. There won’t be a third season, as confirmed by Arcane’s trailer for season two and Arcane’s co-creator, Christian Linke. Whatever happens between Zaun and Piltover will end here.

The beginning of many more stories from Runeterra

But don’t miss Vi and Jinx too soon. This won’t be the last story from League of Legends that we’ll see adapted into a series. Linke added that although Arcane already has a “specific ending” in mind, it will be the beginning of more stories to come. Piltover and Zaun are just two locations in the large world of Runeterra.

Ionia, Noxus, Demacia, and even the Shadow Isles all have interesting champions with stories to tell. Riot Games confirmed that the events in Arcane are canon. That announcement had League of Legends fans thrilled, since many of them have been theorizing Vi and Jinx’s relationship as sisters for years. I hope that the rest of the adaptations will continue relationships between characters and events that are thought to be canon in Runeterra. 

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