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Harry Trevaldwyn Makes His ‘Star Wars’ Debut in ‘The Acolyte’

Harry Trevaldwyn made his Star Wars debut in The Acolyte, and his fans are eager to know who he portrays in the series.

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Many of Trevaldwyn’s fans were aware that he would make an appearance in the show, as he posted images from the show’s red carpet premiere on Instagram. However, he did not disclose whom he would be portraying in the show. Before appearing in The Acolyte, Trevaldwyn boasted a role in The Bubble and made guest appearances in shows like The Outlaws and Smothered. He gained even more recognition when it was announced that he would portray Tuffnut in the live-action How to Train Your Dragon movie, slated to release next year.

Before viewers got to see him in the How to Train Your Dragon universe, though, they met his character in the Star Wars universe.

Who does Harry Trevaldwyn play in The Acolyte?

Trevaldwyn appears in The Acolyte episode 6, “Teach/Corrupt,” as a Jedi Padawan named Mog Adana. Mog is stationed at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in the series. He happens to be the Jedi who receives Sol’s (Lee Jung-jae) distress signal after the battle on Khofar. However, his hologram keeps going in and out as he speaks to Sol, making their discussion difficult to hear. After Sol loses power, Mog hurries to relay what he heard to Vernestra Rwoh (Rebecca Henderson).

After telling the Jedi Master he believes Sol’s entire team may be dead, Rwoh quickly assembles a rescue team to head for Khofar, including Mog. Interestingly, the Padawan questions Rwoh’s decision to head to the planet herself and notes that she dislikes traveling through hyperspace, though he ultimately respects her choice. While on the planet, he and Rwoh come across the bodies of the Jedi and speculate about what happened to them, noting the lightsaber wounds on the corpses. Surprisingly, Mog posits the theory that Sol killed the Jedi. Given that Sol is a respected Jedi Master and has no reason to kill a whole team of Jedia, one can’t help but wonder why he proposed that theory. Was he just deducing based on evidence, or does he know something about Sol’s past?

As a young Padawan who isn’t afraid to speak freely to his Masters or even to suspect the worst of them, it will be interesting to see if Mog returns in further episodes of The Acolyte.

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