An animated vampire with glowing pink eyes smiles menacingly in 'Castlevania: Nocturne.'

‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ Is Creeping Back for Season 2!

More vampires, please.

It was only last week that Castlevania: Nocturne premiered on Netflix and melted brains across the internet. The animated series is a continuation of Castlevania set 300 years later, and follows a new member of our favorite vampire hunter family, Richter Belmont. As much as I loved the original series, Nocturne is even better. With just eight episodes, I’ve completely fallen for the characters. Both the heroes and the villains are amazing. My only critique is that there are only eight episodes. We need more!

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For Nocturne, they really changed up the heroes’ background stories and created some very interesting characters. Annette and Edouard were two backstories I wasn’t expecting but really enjoyed. I have made no secret of my absolute love and adoration for the vampires and monsters of Nocturne. Both Drolta and Olrox have my devotion, even if they are killers. At least Olrox prefers taking the blood of white aristocrats. How can you be mad at that?

In the last episode of Nocturne season 1, we were left with a massive cliffhanger. We have no idea how the vampire messiah will be defeated. How are the heroes going to make it through? Also, a character from the first Castlevania series popped up literally in the final moments and completely changed the game. We need a season 2 and we need it now. There are way too many unanswered questions.

Thankfully, Netflix and the creators of Nocturne didn’t keep us guessing about the series’ status for very long. Today they announced season 2 is coming—and it’s already in production.

The announcement made on X (the artist formerly known as Twitter) featured a short video of sketches. So we saw a little sneak peek at what is to come. It looks like more vampires, more mystery, and (thankfully) more Edouard. At this time we don’t know when the new season is expected to premiere, but we will keep you posted when the information comes out. Just know that one day, sooner rather than later, we will get more Nocturne.

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