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Who The %$#@ Is Adar From ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’?

Wait… so like who TF is Adar again?

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OMG sorry I just get like… so confused with all the names. It’s like I’m back at Bible camp or something. “Adar was the son of Anvil who was the son of Advil”. Like it’s rully a lot. Look, I like the Lord of The Rings series a normal amount but I’m just getting wigged out by all these scrubs that I have to keep track of.

Okay, so I asked my friend and she said Adar is apparently the new frat leader at the Orc Fraternity. But like… he’s not an orc? At least I don’t think he’s an orc. He’s honestly wayyyyy hotter than any orc fratboy I’ve ever seen. I think he’s actually an elf transfer student? Like look at him, he screams elf. But apparently there’s this rumor around that he’s actually Sauron in disguise. DRAMA!!!!!!! Wild right? Like Sauron literally got kicked out of Middle Earth University like an age ago and now he’s back? Did he really not think anyone would notice? Like we all just forgot about the War of Wrath? I mean TBH I was pretty drunk that night so I don’t really remember it all that well, but I definitely know that hottie Morgoth and the other forces of darkness lost that battle.

So like… I guess Sauron goes here again? Oh my God, this is so embarrassing. Like what happens if I see him in my Silmarillion 101 class? Does he expect me to be like “hey Adar… nice to meet you” because if he does I’m totally gonna laugh and pee my pants and I kinda don’t want the other elves and dwarves in the class to see that because they’re gonna remember it for the next hundred million years.

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